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  1. Here I am at 53, NEVER GOT ANY OF THOSE SURGERIES. I thank God I did not cause who knows what could have happened. Ready now to go back to Los, but am not gonna travel with the current draconian rules in place. Nothing is worth having that q-tip jammed up my nose, nor getting a poison clot shot injection. I so miss the place. I seriously considered moving there once upon a moon. Maybe one day soon. p.s. Corona beer got sick of their name being associated with a disease so they changed the name!
  2. Thank y'all again. Wish I could fly like you fly Penevil! With those nice comfortable seats up there, much easier than back in Economy.
  3. Thank you... Will fly Emirates...I am sure they have wheelchairs. Have to do more research om "Fast Track." First I have heard of this. It's really a moot point anyway, got a long road ahead of me before going back to Los.
  4. Hello, Very informative. Have a question: What about handicapped access and help at Bangkok airport? I have many herniated discs and two bad knees, walking any distance or standing any longer than 5 minutes becomes excruciating (fighting for surgeries, hopefully a spinal fusion and a knee replacement will prevent my nueropathy from getting worse, but it probably will not get rid of it all-together.) Traveling to Vegas a couple times a year just to stay sane, I found out how easy it is to get help in the form of a wheelchair with someone pushing you from the front door all the way
  5. Hello, Condolences for your loss and kudo's for all you did for your friend and his family after he passed. Sorry about all of the thread derivatives earlier. crazedchef
  6. Hi Greg! Say hello to Mod for me. She's about the only reason I am still here in this hellhole. Ready to go home, but need to stay in order to come back to Thailand!! Been real LOUD around here if you know what I mean ! Hope you do well in Africa. Talk to you later, Your friend, crazedchef still in Baghdad
  7. Good Afternoon, I do not cook professionally anymore, but I did for many years. I specialized in Gentlemen's Clubs in San Antonio TX. Pattaya's club are what I always wished for in S.A. After having a big ass rocket fly right over my head and explode not too far away the last thing I want to do is get into a heated argument. I truly need the R n R. Touristman, why are you so hatefull? It is not a good way to go through life. Mai pen rai (spelling?) Let it go. crazedchef experiencing truly terrifying things besides flamers on a forum SOON!!!
  8. Hello, My prayers are with this poor bloke. I wish him all of the best. There but for the Grace of God go I. Shit happens, and it can happen at any minute to ANY of us. I was looking forward to hitting the FLB and going on the bar crawl, but reading touristman's post is giving me second thoughts. He seems like he would be VERY easy to get into a fistfight with and Thailand is not the place for that (actually nowhere is.) You should move to a small Southern Conservative Christian town in America so you can spew your filth and hatred more easily. They love people who look
  9. Hello, Are you sure it wasn't a Chihuaha (woof!)? crazedchef
  10. Yes, that is it MK restaurant: Thai Fast Food; YUM!!! I did go to MBK Food Court, you are right HUGE. Is this the one that you buy coupons for the food. It is so CHEAP, FRESH, & DELICIOUS!! I am going to MBK just for that Food Court! crazedchef
  11. Hello, I was not disgusted until I found out. Even then, I was amazed because what I thought was Rat was actually pretty good. It was a dude at one of those little carts with the open coal grill, I was Mau Mau (spelling?) and hungry, scarfed down the Bar-B-Q and thought it was delicious. For about 20 years I was a cook/chef in a LOT of different restaurants in Texas and I could not figure out the flavor or the bone structure of what I was eating. I actually thought there was a chance that it was RAT, but I never got sick. I also ate lots of the fried bugs, like popcorn i
  12. Hi, A while back I was surfing and found this: http://bulapictures.com/gallery/eatrats.html EEEEEHHHHHHHH!!!! I SWEAR that I ate something just like that last picture on Walking Street. I could not figure out the taste. It was NOT Chicken, Beef, or Pork. I remember thinking: "This is pretty good, I wonder why i can never get MY Bar-B-Q to taste like THIS?" Now I know why. Anyone else eat anything that looks unfamiliar. crazedchef thinking he ate a RAT in Pattaya
  13. Hi, Fuji has GREAT Shrimp Tempura and sushi. Always go there every trip. There is a place at the Big "C" closed to Fuji that is like Thai fast food. There is a steaming pot of chicken stock on every table where you cook your raw food and then dip it in this incredible chile sauce. The jelly fish is to die for, one of the best crunches of any food that I have ever eaten. The Thai's always look at me funny eating their food, with chopsticks no less, when there is a big Steakhouse right next to this restaurant. I am from Texas and if I want a steak, I will Bar-B-Q it myself. When In
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