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  1. The iconic Bed Supper Club structure has been reassembled around the corner on Soi 13 and will be opening soon under a new guise called, CHI ULTRA LOUNGE. http://www.chiultralounge.com
  2. I hope the next 49 Super Bowls can be as entertaining as this one was. Not a fan, or hater of either team......was just an entertaining game to watch by two very good teams playing for all the marbles.......
  3. Does this temp off line presence mean we should expect Agency Girls to become the norm at FLB in the coming months?
  4. MM...yes the margins on the higher priced lady drinks would be higher for the bar if the commish remains at 50 bht....but than again that girl getting the 50 baht commission girl is getting a salary in some cases more than double what it was a few years back, so yes indeed the GBO's are spending a share of the margins on the girls, albeit not in a direct commish payout. 10 years ago bars didn't need the investment in fit out, ffe, to compete in today's market. The fixed operating costs were nothing like they are today.That is the ultimate double edge sword in free market capitalism....competition breeds the necessity of putting out a better product, the better product usually costs more to put out, and ultimately the consumer foots the bill. But in the macro sense, that is what the consumer wanted,...a better product. Seems like a lot of the Thailand version expats seem to think that a better product should cost the same as the old crappier product. And compounding alot of the problem is many bar owners are taking a very short sighted approach and getting into price wars, cannibalizing there own business and the industry as a whole. A real catch -22. Fact is, if you step back and take a look, and bear in mind I am not talking about flash in the pans, but solid industry business that have real legs and longevity, pay there staff more (assuming they get better performance), spend more on fit out, and yes have higher prices to the end user. For sure this case can be made in Nana,...the busiest go gos have the best looking girls, the most capital invested in the start up, continued reinvestment in plant and equipment, and.....HIGHER DRINK PRICES. Maybe think of it this way....who do you think has a higher avg occupancy in Pattaya? The 20 room guest house, or the 4 to 5 star hotel? They both serve the same bottle of Heineken, but at the guest house you are going to pay 25% less minimum than you would say at the Hard Rock, or the Marriott? I would venture to say CITY WIDE, the 4-5 star hotels who charge upwards of 800% more for a room than the guest houses, never mind the bottle of Heineken have a higher annual occupancy. The sex industry on your side of Sukhumvit in Pattaya did not come into existence to service an EX PAT to start with. But it seems as times go by more and more owners are letting the very loud minority (expats) dictate the terms of their existence via margin cannibalization, and like I said earlier, those that are, are doing nothing more than cannibalizing their own business. BTW...my initial post was not meant to be specific to lady drink prices, just prices in general. Of course they are going up and will continue to do so for the successful places who can afford to attract the top talent through higher salaries and better working conditions. But those places are becoming fewer and farther between. Seems some owners are jacking prices, paying higher salaries, but accepting munters , pole huggers, and starfish with zero personality. And yes, to those places...I agree with the general ex pat consensus...a rip off!
  5. In defense of the bar owners and the high drink and lady drink prices-----everyone seems to agree getting decent talent to work in a bar in this age of social networking, smart phones, and internet access is getting more difficult by the day. My guesstimate is the salaries for top talent have more than doubled in the last 10 years. The cost of utilities has gone up nearly 40%, product by 30% and hey, not to often the landlords are reducing rents at end of terms....so really guys what do you expect? Do you really think bar owners are going to go through all the hassles to lose money or decrease their margins by 80% or more. If you are an expat and think we are still living in 2002 versus 2012 and all things including drink prices should remain the same, well than that is your choice. But before you complain about lack of good talent etc...wake up and smell the coffee. Or maybe just sharpen up your math and business acumen skills.
  6. At the peak of my business travels I had the misfortune of having over 120 arrivals and departures at the Swamp from jan 1 2007 to jan 1 2009.....I was probably asked to open my bags on 5 different ocassions and that I think is the quota required/odds, random searching of about 4% of all passengers. On many ocassions as I was passing the xray machine prior to entering the arrival hall I saw others being searched. I would speculate if anyone who has never been stopped stood there and watched they would see they have a quick look in the luggage of 4 out of every 100 passengers.
  7. I am deathly afraid of snakes...however growing up in the Midwest of USA we had some harmless green grass snakes around and over time I leartned not to be scared of them. Would actually pick them up and play with them as a kid... For sure 2 months ago if i had you experience I would of just wrote one of these things off as a harmless grass snake.. but not now! A look a alike of the grass snake happens to be the green mamba the most poisonous snake in the world...and whilst not indigineous to SE Asia and actually illegal to have here, THEY ARE AROUND AND ON THE LOOSE!
  8. Is davyson a member of this board? He is a very successful recruiter for the Eastern Seaboard and there are a whole bunch of new companies coming in down there in first quarter of 2012...mostly he specializez placing people in the manufacturing and logistic sectors.
  9. How long you live here??? You believe the news???


    This link has some dramatic photos from past week. My spot still safe and appears to be out of any danger. But would that make me say this flood hasn't been the worst in recent memory...FOOK NO, cuz they are when looking at it from scope and economic costs. The damage to the industrial sector in Ayuthaya alone will cost the more than any other flood has ever cost in Thailand. And whilst a flood and a tsunami are two different things, when the total tab comes in for this baby it could very well exceed the cost of the Tsunami. Surely not what the Thai economy needs in an already perilous global economy. Anyway, some good pics on this link... http://www.theatlantic.com/infocus/2011/10/worst-flooding-in-decades-swamps-thailand/100168/


    It is raining like a mo fo here in central BKG right now! Just what we need, a few hours away from the years highest tide.....parts of Bangers is gonna be under water this time tomorrow and stay that way for days....no doubt. My neighborhood thankfully should escape with minimal impact!
  12. Will be interesting to see if a go-go doesn't go in. Small a space as it is! Seems to be the trend on LKM.
  13. What is REALLY scary is the loon probably got a zillion response from guys who lub kitty kats and want to help her wipe the tears away.
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