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  1. 30 day trip out next week on Etihad booked via Westeast Travel......... Cannot change inbound dates but well cheap. Only 2 hour transit both ways more or less......
  2. Are they still in the "cancel flight mode" as has been reported widely over last couple years ??
  3. I entirely agree with a cheap Netbook being far superior than a smartphone. I had one from Blackberry which fortunately o2 took back free of charge under 14 day agreement.All I ended up doing was scrolling around websites trying to read the content. Useless.
  4. Hadn't noticed this thread and opened one in members section-apologies.
  5. What have you posted there. Chrome wont let me open it ??
  6. For all but the most expensive economy tickets, mileage will be cut in half from June 2012.
  7. Question I would ask up front is 10-15% over what time scale, or is that anticipated annual returns ??
  8. Welsh Wyns it was Gray but as you say nice place to sit. Must have been around 2004 ish he died ?? He had guys sat there throughout the day every day !
  9. Caliguila Palace in Soi Diamond was one of my favourites.....
  10. What you on about !! Stacks there yesterday ! £425 including taxes. Southall travel Westeast travel and Supermarket Travel all quoting the same gave or take £5. If seats are not available than play around with dates. Could have been last day of promotion if prices are vastly increased today. I doubt there is anyone on this forum who has taken more economy returns to Thailand so if the price I quoted, available yesterday was £425, than that was bottom line price. All 3 of the above named providers show full inclusive price in headline figures on quotation and always have done.
  11. There were a couple of passenger reports that they had checked in right at the opening of their check in desks but missed the flight because of this situation. Who sorts takes the blame for relisting or ticketing the passenger God only knows.
  12. I think I put in Brian 5th May to June 9th. You gotta play around because although I haven't checked I think departures are only 3 days a week. I stand to be corrected on that. If you use Westeast Southall Travel and Travel Supermarket they give option to click 3 days "departure gate" and no doubt others do as well. I was putting random dates and had 5 or 6 different combinations all between £423 and £440. The fact that it leaves Gatwick at 13.30 is ideal especially for me coming up from Plymouth....
  13. Never flown them but noticed recently they were starting up out of London Gatwick. Playing around with dates as they don't fly everyday comes up with £425 or slightly less with a host of websites via Travel Supermarket. Superb timings out of Gatwick mark this one out as an Airline to try. Using 777's for the long haul and A321 for the short hop. Anyone with Long Haul Experience on them ??
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