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  1. You wont be disappointed mate the best Chinese food i have tried in Pattaya by a country mile.
  2. Can anyone recommend hotels in Walking Street must have pool.
  3. Just over a 1000bt a night that includes breakfast and wifi.
  4. I normally stay around the LK Metro,soi Dianne area but to freshen things up a little thinking of staying soi 2 for a change been looking on the internet and came across the Citin garden its a little bit out of the way but the hotel and rooms look nice any feedback would be appreciated.
  5. Forgot about the Phillipines i have actually rung the bell there
  6. Does any one Know were the custom of ringing the bell(to buy drinks). come from does happen any where else or only Thailand,my guess would be it would originally come from America during the vietnam war can any one shed any light on this.
  7. Were you in Phuket when the tsunami struck,or witness the Berlin wall coming down,I was in New york 9/11 and remember the commotion was also on the underground 7/7 bombing,
  8. Although we all love having the convenience and flexibility the internet offers us, is there anything you miss from the pre-web days? I used to do some work, having the odd tea break and such. Now I surf the net having the odd work break.Also read a lot less books now before the internet i use to average at least one a week.Also used to love spending a couple of hours in the bookies browsing the football coupons now do the majority of my betting online It's also quite difficult to avoid knowing every little detail about big upcoming films these days - is much better going in with just
  9. So, what do you normally eat on an average day? Does your job, lifestyle or family affect or dictate what you eat? Do you go mental at the weekends and eat out before having that 3am kebab? When you go on holiday, do you go all-out or eat less often but with greater quality? Personally speaking, I usually have a fry up for breakfast, followed by soup and a roll of some variety for lunch and a classic dinner of meat/poultry, carbs and veg - usually chicken, mashed potato and beans before a late-night snack of some description. On holiday, I tend to have two sizeable meals a day.
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