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  1. Stayed there many times in the past (not for around 8 years though) and was reasonably satisfied until the rooms became a little run down.A friend told me it has improved, will find out in June.
  2. Has anyone stayed there recently? Have booked up there for June.
  3. Rockhouse best breakfast in Pattaya imo.
  4. Ate this a few times over the past two weeks or so ,now 140bhat, one of my favs in Pattaya
  5. Flew back with Thai today always go for the cheapest direct flight.Prefer EVA of the two.
  6. Had some last week good as ever.
  7. Good stuff, love their food.
  8. November is my favorite time as many friends usually visit at that time and it's my birthday too.Also been every month at some point not keen on Christmas or songkran to be honest.
  9. Fly to New York from London next month with Delta.
  10. R Con hotel is my choice hotel around 12000 (not including electric and water).
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