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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. No. There will be 4 price rages. Meals with boiled/egg fried rice/chips in 650ml containers. Also a XL one litre 1000ml box at around 220 Baht. This is a huge eat but some folks are hungry. Would do twice. That's around 1kg of Chinese food.
  2. Delivery, yes. Door to door I doubt it. They take 30% from all orders plus 10% admin fee if I remember the contract we looked at. From a meal at 149+ Baht!
  3. It's coming back mate. WokNRok is building a takeaway box that will be situated in LK Metro. We will offer quality takeaway's at great prices. The box will be open from 7pm - 3am Meals will be costed from 149 Baht to 165 Baht. They will come in 650ml containers. Plenty of choice and side dishes. Here's some examples of what to expect.
  4. Dear Pattaya talk. For your information. Ouy decided to close the Wok N Rok kitchen today. Unless she finds a reliable helper soon I doubt it will re-open again in Pattaya. She asked me to thank all the forum members for their support and custom. Cheers.
  5. There's a double special on today. Wok N Rok kitchen at Mates bar. This is the third Kung Pao chicken version that Ouy knows how to cook. Popular in the UK. It is spicy, sweet and has a full, smokey flavour to it. The first time She's cooked this in Thailand as the recipe uses sauces not available here. Chicken curry. Made with the Wok N Rok curry sauce. Both specials come with egg fried rice or chips. 205 Baht. Tel: 092 969 4119
  6. Today's special offer from Wok N Rok at Mates sports bar is a two course. Spare ribs in BBQ sauce. This is the red sweet meaty sauce that's popular in English Chinese takeaways. Chicken satay main course. Chicken, pineapple, onion and water chestnuts cooked in a delicious satay sauce. Please note this is a little spicy as it includes Chinese satay paste. Egg fried rice or chips included. 255 Baht. Tel: 092 969 4119
  7. Today is a triple special at Wok N Rok kitchen in mates bar. Beef in hot black bean sauce. Chicken breast of curry. Chicken pineapple All come with egg fried rice or chips. 205 Baht You can upgrade to salt pepper chips for 15 Baht extra. Tel: 092 969 4119
  8. Absolutely. Once the other bar is gone I'd say that's on the cards mate.
  9. Dear P.T. Wok N Rok kitchen is now open at Mates sports bar. Just 2 doors away from the old Wok N Rok. Today's special is Wonton soup followed by lemon/orange chicken combo. Comes with egg fried rice or chips. 245 Baht Note: Image is the orange chicken. Tel: 092 969 4119
  10. We are re-opening very soon in Mates bar, which is the bar next to Wok N Rok. This will be temporary until we sell the beer bar. We expect to open within a few days. The menu and prices will remain the same. Thanks to Andrew and Peter at Mates for renting the kitchen to Ouy. Hopefully it will be a good deal as Mates is a friendly Aussie owned bar. A great place to eat and drink. You can sit an for bar meals or order for take-away. Cheers.
  11. Dear P.T. For your information. Wok N Rok is now closed for good. The lease has been sold. We plan to re-open nearby on a temporary basis until other business is completed in Pattaya. Thank you for your support and custom since we opened. I'll keep you updated when the take aways and sit in meals will resume.
  12. Dear P.T. Due to catering the Wok N Rok kitchen opens at 20:30pm tonight. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
  13. Staff change on such a regular basis I'm not sure who it is?
  14. Today's 2 course special is spare ribs in Peking sauce followed by chicken curry with egg fried rice or chips. 249 Baht
  15. Triple Wok N Rok special today. 1. Chicken in blackbean sauce. 199 Baht 2. Chicken bhuna with spiced onions. 210 Baht 3. King prawn in ginger. 215 Baht Come with egg fried/boiled rice or chips. 092 969 4119
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