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  1. possibly be the food as it's average at best, horrible at worst. However, many, many would disagree with me. On Tripadvisor, Kiss ranks 55th out of 853 reviewed restaurants in Pattaya. Of the 566 individual reviews, 20% rank Kiss as "Excellent" and 46% rate it "Very Good." That's TWO THIRDS of the reviewers who consider Kiss "Very Good" or better. Since my most recent trip to Thailand I have a new theory on food reviews. For some reason people tend to rave about various restaurants as being "incredible" , whilst they are on holiday.In fact, back in their own country the same restauran
  2. Let me rain on the parade. The board has probably run it's race. I doubt it would hold much interest for newbie members due to the small pool of posters. It can't be a hobby as MM stated due to costs.Therefore it has to run along business lines. Part of the reason for decline is practically ALL of the non sanitized posters have been run out of town. Appointing extra moderators was a mistake ( as I pointed out at the time). Some of those moderators hold grudges/dislike certain posters and they were targeted. That left the current Clubbie" type atmosphere with few contributors.
  3. Penthouse Hotel - I have stayed there. Depends on what you want of course but the rooms are not as good in the flesh as they look on the website. Its not properly cleaned, but acceptable., just. The issue is the staff are as cold as the antarctic. The joint has a poor atmosphere. Hard to describe but as a guest you feel invisible. Position is excellent if walking street is your need.
  4. Good luck predicting 10 years into the future , but its fun to try. One way to approach it is trends. Where was pattya in 1995, where in 2005 and to now. What are the strongest trends over that period. What trends started, had a run but petered out? The strong trends are the ones most likely- but not certain to continue. Russians- strong trend but now reducing- rouble issues, putin issues Chinese tour groups-still around in 2025? Beer bars- how do they survive anyway? The Euro related countries- beginning of the end? Technology changes- who knows? etc etc
  5. yeh and if the tasers missed we would have shot her. The bib show remarkable restraint and good sense.
  6. Saa - how we know you? You should post your photo and some of the girls you have. I will be in pattaya in about 6 weeks time. Provide me a reason to come in. Thanks.
  7. You guys have seriously got too much time on your hands.
  8. skyping with a few girls today, one thai, one viet, one malay, one indo. I like to spread myself around.
  9. I thought this was friggin hilarious. I was on skype with a vietnam chick, who was offline, posted the joke to her. Her response a day later. so how are you today,I am so worry about you ,do you know, when you feel better,remember tell me know, [5/8/2015 3:50:36 PM] t: oh my god,i pray of you,hope that you fell better soon [5/8/2015 3:53:35 PM] i did have your cell phone number,i really want to call you now when I know you have accident oh dear , some of these girls are thick.
  10. Listen up here boys- unless you are OLD and I mean OLD, you don't need viagra/cialis/kamagra etc. From the age 45- 50 I took the above and although they work found the side effects hard to take. After researching for a while I changed lifestyle factors. Some of the majors you need to do are. 1- Lose weight, see that huge gut you got- lose it ! 2- Exercise to the point that makes you sweat. 10 minutes of high intensity sweating exercise is worth hours and hours of low intensity walking type exercise. 3. Diet- stop eating rubbish- you eat McD? you are eating rubbish. Lol
  11. Don't think you need a specific recommendation. These tailors get a bad rap- mainly because they are annoying. "Suit, suit, Suit sir " We all know the drill. But the stuff you buy from them is actually pretty good. I have never bought a suit but have bought maybe 20 shirts and a few strides.No complaints. Last time I bought shirts they were ,I think 20/25$ AUD each. You need to remember you are getting a personal fit, you select your own fabric, its not "off the rack'. One thing I have noted is that fabric selection can be limited at some tailors. If you don't find a fabric/desi
  12. I'm just about to go off to the local RSL club to play 2 up,and celebrate the 100th anniversary of ANZAC day.
  13. The world happiness report for 2015 has been released. As is usual the Scandinavian countries dominate. Check the list and you find NO asian countries in the top 20. Just one muslim country- UAE. New Zealand rated one spot above Aust by 100th of a point . Probably because most of the kiwis are over here anyway and NZ is full of Aussie tourists- a huge money earner according to NZ Prime MInister this week. Happiness seems to be most abundant a long way from the equator. At least according to the new World Happiness Report 2015. The 10 happiest countries are Switzerland, Ic
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