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  1. Most condo complexes have a condo office. The staff, normally ladies, usually know which units are for sale and have a close estimate of the prices. Some owners are way behind on their maintenance dues and they know that too. That's how I found my unit. I found a complex that I liked, found the office and got my information from the office ladies. Be polite and tell them that you like the complex and are interested in living there. Make sure that they know you are not an agent looking for listings.
  2. Yes indeed. Absolutely depressing. People who put their hearts and souls into building a successful business only to have their dreams totally destroyed. I would guess that most will not have the funds to start over. The few who managed to reopen are struggling to break even.
  3. I'm in the why bother camp. I like the beer buzz. No buzz, why bother.
  4. I don't care how they pronounce Pattaya as long as I know what they are talking about. A good friend of mine from the US loved the Milk Bar. That was always his first stop. He was a tit man. What was the name of that bar on Walking Street? That was a long time ago. I was thinking it was Electric Blue.
  5. Toddlers are patient and more clever than we credit them. If they want to get somewhere, they will work at until they figure out a way and a balcony is like a magnet. Scary indeed.
  6. Jacko hit on the big one. Make sure you get approval from the condo committee before making any changes. You may find yourself tearing your safety precautions back out. My condo committee is of the opinion that it is best to keep kids off the balcony. Putting a secure lock on the sliding doors to the balcony is the only option.
  7. The difference is that the Thais pay the same amount of sin taxes that I pay. The old rule applies, the only two sure things are taxes and death.
  8. Years ago I took a car load of Thais to a national park. At the gate, me being a bullheaded old fart, refused to pay the farang price. There was a line or cars behind me. The Thais in my car were throwing a fit and yelling. There was no way for me to turn the car around. Finally the gate attendant relented and we went in. We have the option to pay the farang tax on not. We are not Thai citizens and we pay no taxes, that is most of us don't. I can live with it. My wife was embarrassed and from then on she spoke in Thai to the ticket booth attendants. I'm sure that she paid the farang price for me but kept her mouth shut and refused to tell me.
  9. My wife drives my pickup once in a while. The only complaint she has about her Ford is that the Isuzu has a lot more power than the car. I find it amazing at how much power they are able to get from a 3.0 liter turbo diesel. The Isuzu also goes further on a liter of diesel than the gasoline powered car. The car can use E85 but the fuel economy suffers. She now uses E20 for better fuel economy even though it does cost more.
  10. My wife has a fully loaded automatic transmission with all the bells and whistles Ford Ecosport. It drives nicer and rides smoother than my Isuzu 4X4. I would rather drive my manual transmission pickup. Why? I have no idea, I simply love my truck and the comfortable way it feels. A friend of mine drives a Mitsubishi Pajero. He seriously wrecked his Pajero. He also has a 4X4 Toyota pickup. The Pajero was in the body shop for four months being repaired (In most countries, it would have been a totaled wreck). He bitched about the rough riding Toyota truck every time I saw him. Different strokes for different folks.
  11. For what many of those cars cost, I could buy many new pickup trucks not to mention many domestically built cars. It's an attempt to show that you have big money, thus a big face.
  12. So, you're saying that my 4X4 pickup truck would look out of place?
  13. I enjoyed my job for the most part and the pay was quite good. The main problem was that I hated Kalifornia. I had carefully planned my retirement. I was able to retire at age 59 and sitting on the LAX runway with a one way ticket to Thailand was probably the happiest day of my life. I had over estimated my Thailand living expenses and still enjoy a decent surplus from my pensions. No regrets here. You don't have to be wealthy to enjoy retirement in Thailand, I'm certainly not, but living on a budget would be a bummer. Sometimes plans turn to shit but my plans have worked out well.
  14. I was interested in the Thai Elite Visa. That didn't take me long. As soon as I saw the 500,000 baht price I immediately forgot about it. I did read far enough to see that you still have to do 90 day reports. I can do many years paying the 1,900 baht per year and no way live long enough to get the money back.
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