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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I'm fairly adventurous and will try to eat most anything, BUT, I draw the line at rats and insects. The girls tell me not to confuse rice rats with city rats. I see it as a rat is a rat regardless of where it came from. My wife doesn't eat rats because they are far more expensive than chicken, fish or pork.
  2. Typical government work. "Hi, we're from the government and we're here to help you".
  3. I recently watched a video that showed how to clear up headlight lenses. The magic treatment used WD 40 and it worked wonders.
  4. The thing that bothers me the most is the eyewitnesses reports that the plane had parts falling off and that there was smoke. There were a number of witnesses. Are they all wrong? I was sure that the flight recorders would clear that up but there is no mention of it yet. If there was a structural failure while in flight Boeing will deserve to have their tit in the wringer big time.
  5. I learned a lesson from lost baggage. I always carry a backpack as a carry on. I keep a couple changes of clothes plus anything small or expensive as well. The last time my luggage was lost was on Thai Air. I was working in Thailand at the time. I got a call while working that I could go to the airport to pick up my bag. I told them that they lost it and they could get it back to me at my work place. That afternoon a Thai limo came to the factory and gave me the suitcase. It wasn't a disaster or anything but it was irritating. And yes, I have a bright pink piece of twine tied around the handle. There are a lot of Travel Pro suitcases but only mine has the florescent twine marker tied on the handle.
  6. Gary


    My loving wife put Line on my phone. When I got a look at all the crap that came from Line, I took it back off. I told my wife that if it is important enough to call me that she can spend a few baht. My wife loves all that social crap and she uses it all.
  7. Most farangs likely know that they cannot own land in Thailand in their own name. There are many bent lawyers that will tell you that there are ways to get around this. Regardless of which scheme they use, the farang will get the short end of the stick and the scheme will be illegal. Even condos have ownership rules. If the farang allotment is used up (49 percent) you cannot own the condo in your name. I have also noticed that some corrupt companies are still offering 90 year leases. The maximum length of a legal lease is 30 years, period.
  8. I used True for several years, then started having problems with the WiFi Internet. I discovered that their service department sucks big time. I had a hissy fit and cut up three True SIM cards, credit and all. The office where my wife signed up for post paid refused to cancel the post paid and she had to drive 50 kilometers to a bigger shop to cancel. They charged her an extra month to cancel. I'll NEVER use True again. I now have four AIS Sim's. I think AIS has the best coverage and signal strength. I was a little irritated when AIS got into a pissing contest with 7-11 and you can no longer top up at 7-11 shops. As far as service I think D-Tac is the best but unfortunately out here in the boonies, their coverage is limited with no Internet in many places. AIS is far from perfect but at least it always works no matter where I am at.
  9. I too was sitting through the video. After 20 or 25 minutes a lady who works there asked me if I understood Thai. I told he that I did not and she took me out of the room to get my reflexes checked. That wasn't a problem and I got my new license. All in all not a difficult deal.
  10. I have a story about the Louis Vuitton shop in Paris. I was in Paris with my Thai boss. He was going into the Louis Vuitton shop. I told him that I would wait for him in a restaurant across the street. I was the only customer in the place. I ordered a beer and was told that if I didn't order food, I had to sit outside to drink my beer. That didn't do much for my mood. My boss came from the shop and asked me if I would go back to the Louis Vuitton. He explained that he had bought his quota and he needed one more item. I started laughing and told him that I had never heard of a store that had a quota on such overpriced things. I did go and buy the item for him (a wallet) and nearly threw up when I found out the price. I should add that when we tried to get a taxi from the hotel, none would take us. I went back into the expensive hotel and loudly complained. The guy at reception went out and talked to the drivers. The drivers had a discussion and one agreed to take us. We got in the taxi and the driver stunk so bad that I had to roll down the window. I asked my boss to roll down his window. My boss was whispering that we may offend the driver. I don't know if the driver spoke any English but I told my boss rather in a loud voice that the driver really DID stink big time. I will never visit Paris again. I can't criticize the entire country because we went to the south of France and it was like a different country. People were friendly and helpful.
  11. Anyone who buys anything from Louis Vuitton definitely has more money than sense.
  12. I'm not a big fan of Chinese products but I am a Xiaomi fan. I use what works best for me. When my wife's Samsung S5 died, I too was looking at new phones. My trusty old Nokia was working and still works fine but the tiny screen and my old eyes no longer work well together. After a lot of research, I bought her a top of the line Xiaomi. I bought a top of the line because she uses all that social crap and uses the speaker while she is cooking or doing something that keeps her hands busy. I had thought that when the S5 came back from the shop, I'd get the Xiaomi. I ended up with the S5 because she says her Xiaomi is faster, better, has a great camera and speaker. When the S5 died AGAIN, I bought myself a mid range Xiaomi. Mine is a pure Android and has none of the junk apps that manufacturers put on their phones. Since her phone is so heavily used, I had thought it wouldn't last very long. Both our phones are still working like new. No more crazy expensive phones for me. Xiaomi gives the biggest bang for the baht. It is the same for Internet browsers, I use whichever one works best for me. I too tried Vivaldi and didn't much like it. I have tried all the top browsers, even Safari and Opera suits me just fine.
  13. I have been using Chrome as my default browser for quite some time. It started freezing after the latest update. I was going to change to Firefox but decided to download the latest Opera. It is working like a charm. I had one minor problem with Opera not working to view some videos. Opera has a built in ad blocker that was blocking those videos. I disabled it and am using AdBlock Plus. I am surprised how well Opera is working. It is now my default browser. It is faster than Chrome or Firefox.
  14. I keep track of currency exchange rates with XE. I find the the online rates closely match what I get when I make a wire transfer; https://www.xe.com/currency/thb-thai-baht
  15. I remember the first year I put the 800,000 baht in the bank. The immigration officer said that was good and had been in more than three months. He then asked me if I was working. I told him the I was not working and was retired. He then asked me how I could live in Thailand without spending any money. I showed him my Citibank ATM card and told him I draw money from my US bank, I had saved a few of the withdrawal slips and showed them to him. He told me it would be best to live on the 800,000 and top it up three months before my visa expired. I have done it that way ever since.
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