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  1. Thanks for that. It never hurts to have a backup.
  2. I got an answer to my email within a couple hours. She did remember me and yes, she is still in business. She quoted me 1,400 baht all in. She is such a nice lady and has such good service that I am not going to quibble over a couple hundred baht. My wife will be busy cutting rice, probably in late November, so she will be happy to have me out of the way for a couple of weeks. I hope by then things will be back nearly to normal.
  3. Thanks a lot, that's her. I sent her an email. Hopefully the flights will be back to normal next month. My wife likes to get rid of me during her rice harvest.
  4. I lost the telephone number for my lady taxi driver. She was a good safe driver with a nice car . She charged 1,200 baht from the airport to the front door of my Jomtien condo. Does anyone know of a reliable driver?
  5. I no longer fly international and only fly domestic once in a while. I always searched for the cheapest ticket and whatever model plane they used was OK with me. I have no brand loyalty regarding airline or airliner.
  6. It took me quite a while to find a condo that I was happy with and I bought it for the long term and not for investment or re-sale. My friends told me that I paid too much and would never get my money back. I patiently explained that I didn't want to live in a shoebox and I insisted on a separate bedroom. Mine is a corner unit of 60 square meters with a lot of built in storage. I intentionally avoided beach front units mainly because of the salt air corrosion problems. I also hate high rise buildings. My complex is five story buildings and open in the center. Mine is on the third floor. I
  7. Is the Walking Street wiring jungle all nice and neat now?
  8. What's wrong with you? Pattaya's flood problems have been solved. That is, at least, until the next big rain.
  9. Our condo complex (Soi Chaiyapruk) has always had water with no restrictions. I'm not sure where the water comes from but it is amazingly soft. That makes me think that they draw water from the huge swamp behind the complex. Compared to our village upcountry, the water is so hard that the shower head clogs up with minerals on a regular basis.
  10. Whatever happened to the huge pipeline they were building from the Bang Pakong river. I well remember seeing the work along a highway going on several years ago. At the time, I scoffed at the pipeline but maybe they knew their business and could see the future.
  11. I have a long irritating story. I had my money in a local Thai farmers bank that paid good interest. It was approved by immigration before I moved the money. It was fine for years until immigration got a new boss. She wouldn't accept that account even though I could get the money out anytime I wanted. I finally agreed to put the money back in a SCB savings account. That wasn't good enough because she said it had to be in my savings account for three months. What a miserable bitch she was. She said I had to leave the country. To make a long story short, I went to the US Embassy and got an incom
  12. As for myself, I would smell a rat having to deal with just one bank official. It would definitely jump out at me if other bank branches saw problems with my account. I deal with SCB and they pay me absolutely no interest on my 800,000 baht that is required for my visa.
  13. My bedroom balcony is quite large. I have a table and chairs and still have plenty of room for the drying rack. That balcony overlooks the swimming pool and I like to have my morning coffee out there. There is a rule that you cannot hang clothes on the balcony rail. The living room balcony is small and it too has a drying rack but it is too small for sheets or blankets. I do use it to dry small floor rugs and to store mops, mop buckets and cleaning supplies. Only the 60 square meter corner units have two balconies. Most other units are 40 square meters and their balconies are the full width of
  14. I have a drying rack that I unfold and put on my larger bedroom balcony. It is no hassle to hang my wet clothes on that rack. My condo also has a small balcony off the living room where I have my washing machine. With the living room curtains closed, you wouldn't know it was there. The condo complex has a laundry service but I find that more hassle than doing it myself.
  15. I'm always surprised that the condo developers are for the most part building shoe boxes. Maybe it's only me but no way could I live in a 26 square meter room. Most hotel rooms are bigger than that. My condo is 60 square meters and is barely livable. Living in a studio is maybe OK for guys on holiday but living like that full time would make me stir crazy. I did find a corner unit on Soi 7 Jomtien that was 52 square meters. It at least had a sliding door hiding the bed. The day I had to make up my mind, the electricity was off. I asked the owner when the emergency generator would come on
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