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  1. I don't know what the Vegas line is Vic, but Gonzaga and Cal at #8 seeds have to be some sweet seed money in the early rounds. I would not be surprised to see either make it to the 16.
  2. The best exchange rate is always at the Kodak shop on 2nd Rd betw. Soi 1 and Soi 2 near/across from Big C. It is directly across the street from Subway, 5 doors down from Fatties, 8 doors down from Sabai Dee towards Soi 1.
  3. Nova Platinum fits the bill. Great pool, waterfall, Jacuzzi, swim-up bar, gym. Free Wifi. Brand New. 32 inch flat screen with DVD. I have not stayed, but a friend told me it was great. Near walking, South Pattaya Rd., Jomtien. Look at photos. Looks just like the place. Part of the Amari group, but girl friendly. http://www.amari.com/novaplatinum/ 1299 baht - street view 1599 baht - pool view May get cheaper if you walk-up.
  4. Some people living looking out of a bubble, some people blow the bubbles. Up to you chief.
  5. Yeah, I will say it again, calm the fuck down chief. If you are living for half a year on the cost of a motorbike, you might want to consider Sub-Sahara Africa. Will be cheaper for you there. Mine, mine, mine. You sound like a fucking seagull.
  6. Thanks for all the info guys to those with solid info. But some of you should calm down. It is only a motorbike, I did not sign over my entire estate. If she or I fuck-off in the meantime, it is not that big a deal. If I didn't trust her to a certain degree, I would not have put it in her name in the first place. Not every Thai girl is out to fuck you over.
  7. Thanks Regyai. That is what I needed. If it is only a request and no long time visa needed, that is perfect.
  8. I bought a motorbike and put it in my TGs name. The sales slip has both of our names, but the insurance and the registration is in her name. The guy at the dealership told me to go to Jomtien Immigration and get paper that says where my residence is and he can change to my name. He said I should have no problem. I come and go from Thailand but spend about 4 months total per year. I don't have a long term visa because I generally go back to the states after 3 or 4 weeks. Anybody know if Immigration will actually give me this paper? I have an international drivers license, Thai ba
  9. He probably hit it just after midnight in Thailand.
  10. That is strange because they just did a remodel of the Dolphin pool rooms. I have a feeling you were not at a Dolphin pool room. I have had nothing but excellent experiences at the Sabai Lodge.
  11. I just saw Hillbilly last month. He mentioned nothing to me.
  12. Nice to meet you. Have enjoyed the bar. Wish you the best in the future. Lovely spot.
  13. My opinion is that is about right.
  14. Wanted to add to Fopa's comments. Fopa - you turned me on to the Sabai. Dolphin Pool rooms are being remodeled. Should be done by 2nd week of June. Next, Ruen Thai rooms will be remodeled. (I love that, this is where my room always is) The noise is coming from an adjacent condominium building that is being built. Not part of Sabai. This will continue for another 4 weeks. It is somewhat noisy now at that end of the hotel because they are cutting tile and sheetrock. Construction has been on for well over a year. Some new staff at the front desk from Sabai Resort. Get to know them
  15. The weather is unpredictable in Thailand these days, the same as it is in the rest of the world. Whether it be global warming or just a natural pattern the planet is in. (I am not attempting to start that debate) We seem to be in a extreme period worldwide. Heavy rain, drought, Typhoons, twisters, etc. For example, there has been much rain in Pattaya for the last couple of weeks. Could be no rain at all in July. Or it could rain everyday. At any rate, the rain only gives you a good reason to stay inside with your Teelak, it is usually just for a period of time each day and if you
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