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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Hello All, I did not know what sub-forum to put my question in so I selected this one............ My question is ? ,Does anyone know of any business that has safe deposit boxes for rent for a one or two month period that is located on Soi Bouakaw or the second Road area in central Pattaya of around Mike's Department store? I found a business called Siam secure but it is located on Pattaya Klang ? central Pattaya road up close to Big C Extra and the Foodland area. This business and location is to far away from where I will be staying. Thanks. glenjean
  2. Up date (May 6, 2014) follow up to my posting. I went back to the Sandara Residence Pataya Hotel on April 25, 2014 to speak face to face with the manager Ms Penne. When she saw me she knew immeditely who I was and it was quite obvious that she was extremely nervous. She greeted me warmly as if I were a regular frequent customer and old friend (I had only stayed here once in my life) . She asked me if I wanted any water, coffe, tea or anything? She asked me where I was staying? She did not bring up the subject of my stolen money. I had to bring it up and I asked what her investiga
  3. Dear Fellow Board Members , First off, I apologize for the way my topic was displayed without paragraghs. I took quite a long time writing and editing this post, however when I hit the post buttton it came about displayed with no paragraghs which makes it quite difficult to read and follow, for this I am truly sorry. I have posted this on several other forums and also on trip advisor. It appears that at least 3 others have been duped and stolen from at this same hotel. Thanks for the replies and suggestions.. Be careful, stay safe
  4. Fellow board members, please be aware of this hotel (Sandara Hotel), It is located off of Soi Lengkee (Soi Lengkee is just off Soi Bouakuaw, at the intersection of Soi Bouakauw and Soi Diana. Soi Lengkee connects with third Road. The Sandara Hotel sits back off Soi Lengkee just in front of a big hotel named The Vogue. It advertises itself as a boutique Hotel. It is small with around 8 to 12 rooms only. I stayed at this hotel last month and I got ripped off. Someone entered my room and went into my in room safe and stole Money. During this holiday I had traveled to Bangklok, sta
  5. Hello everyone, Has anyone stayed at the New Honey Inn Hotel on soi Honey between second road and soi Bouikaw. Is it a completely new building or was the old hotel only refurbished? I have been on their website however pictures are very deceiving? Additionally the website seemed a bit dated and I could not make reservations or contact them. The contact address they provided is not working or the e-mail address has changed. Did they give any discount? Is the standard rooms large enough or do they look and feel cramoed and small? Would someone need a superior or larger room. Is ther
  6. All, Does anyone know of "Where or "IF" i can rent a laptop? I will be in Patts next month staying for 35 days. If anyone can provide any information, suggestions or advice on renting a laptop, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Guys, I had every intention of staying at this hotel, primarily because of the location, however I arrived there around 8 pm very tired and expecting a little more than what i found. I had confirmed reservations with an e-mail print out and they could not find my reservations. There was only one person on duty that could speak english , so I had to wait until he arrived from showing a room to another customer. They never found my reservations and after producing my e-mail printout he said that he had a room available. I asked to view a room before checking in. I viewed two room
  8. Guys, I will be staying at a hotel (Nature View Hotel on Soi Buoakaw) which does not have DVD players in its rooms. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on where I can rent a DVD player? I asked the hotel if they rent them or if not where I could get one, there answer was just "no" we do not have a DVD player. Additional e-mails went unanswered, asking if they knew wher I could rent one.. I really do not want to buy one, as I would then have a problem of what to do with it once I leave. I will be in town for only 8 days. Thanks in adfvance
  9. I am seriously considering staying at this hotel next month for 10 days. I am trying to find out as much as I can in making my decision. They have no web site and I have not read any reviews on his hotel. Has anyone stayed at this hotel? Is the pool ready or is it still under construction? if it is not , is there a lot of construction noise early in the morning time? Do the rooms have a DVD player or can you rent one? Is there a refrigerator in the room? Are there now in room safes? or do they still have a room by reception where the safety boxes are located? If so what time at night
  10. Guys, I am coming to Patts on May 28 Th, I already have room reservations, in light of the current crisis, which has subsided and seems now in control, can I or should I re- negotiate a better rate or change to another hotel and get a better rate, since hotel occupancy is down ? Has anyone else gotten a better rate since the civil disturbance caused all the problems ? If so what advice can you offer in this regard. Thanks
  11. Guys, If I were to just turn up at a hotel in Patts ( Bay Walk Residence - Lk Metroploe - or Tim's ) and then check out the room and it meets my specifications, then could I go on line and then book the hotel through Agoda or Latestays and then get the room. The reason I am asking this is, I probably will get a better rate from Latestays or Agoda than bargining with the manager on duty and also I get to physically see the room that I will be staying in. Is this possible? Any insight or information will be greatful as I am traveling in 2 days time.
  12. Hi BM's I am trying to find the names of hotels that have been built within the last 2 years. Location....The Soi Boukuaw or Central Pattaya or South Pattaya or 2nd Road Areas. Price Range... 1500 baht or less per night. Time frame..... arriving the first week of August. Thanks.
  13. I will be in town on July 24th , will there be a friday promotion giveaway ? I have not seen any post lately about the Pattaya Beer Garden. Has any BM's ben there in the last week or so? How is it ?
  14. What is the nosie levels like? If I were to get a room on the top floor what would the nosie levels be like? What time does the band stop playing each night?
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