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  1. Theres a short review on Thai Visa. Seems rooms are rather basic. http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/18-Coins-Bud...el-t243302.html TC
  2. I went to the PBG on my last trip. Not many FL's about. Can't see that being a big issue as if there's none there then your right next to Walking Street. If you cant find a FL or BG there then your lucks out! IMO the PBG is a great venue, very laid back and completely unique in Pattaya. Top_Cat
  3. Thanks PM. Looks good value and is now on my accomodation shortlist. Top_Cat
  4. Thanks for that PM. Looks nice. Are their safes in the rooms? Cheers. Top_Cat
  5. As at December 2007 Oasis was owned by an American by the name of Bill. Or at least that was what he told me!! He did say that he was looking to sell so it could have well have changed hands since then, or other parties have bought shares etc. Or maybe I was just being bullshitted!! Top_Cat
  6. Get booked up and GO!! But do join this site as a full member if you haven't already. Loads of info available and advice. But please search first. 6 weeks? No where near long enough but a good starting point!! I only manage 3 weeks twice per year. Never mind. Top_Cat
  7. BL like you I have never owned/managed a Go-Go bar. However I got talking to an owner one night and he described managing the girls as "like trying to herd fish". Enough said. Top_Cat
  8. Is this place not part of the Amari group? Think I saw something on Stickman about it with a link. Looked nice. BUT..seems if your in a wheelchair your not welcome. So if your too short, too tall, too wide, not wide enough then rules may be applied. I always thought that in the bar business you packed the place to the rafters and took everybodys money. That seems to work. And as for 500 baht to get in?? Fuck that I pay 500 baht to get them out. Top_Cat
  9. Sorry mate........but........ Cant see what your point is. You spent money in a Go-Go bar and thought you had exclusive rights to have one bird give you personal one to one attention. If you want the personal thing pay bar. You had 4 hours to make your mind up? Seems you did not and suffered the consequences as the bird was moved to another table. Complain about it and see what happens. Not that beatings are condoned but its pay (bar) or shut up IMO. Chok dee kap. Top_Cat
  10. Agreed. Now edited down. All been said before anyway. Top_Cat
  11. Yes. Just like you have never lied to your wife and daughter. Top_Cat
  12. Big D Sub-letting is normally barred in most rental contracts. You could drop yourself into a right load of shit both Landlord and Sub-Tenant style. Top_Cat
  13. From the RICS website: There are approximately 62 Chartered Surveyors in Thailand. Approximately 45% specialise in Quantity Surveying with 45% in General Practice. There are also members working in rural practice and in geomatics. Further information on RICS and professional activities in Thailand can be obtained from the Chairman of the RICS Thailand Group below: Simon Landy Chairman, RICS Thailand Primo Co., Ltd. 33/10 Soi Langsuan Ploenchit Road Lumpini, Pathumwan Bangkok 10330 E ricsthailand@rics.org. You can also contact the Asia Pacific office for more det
  14. Thanks for all the updates. I am making enquiries about flying with Emirates from Newcastle for my Dec.07/Jan.08 trip. Will compare fares with China Airlines. Top_Cat
  15. Thanks for all the replies. As predicted I have bitten the bullet and bought a Dynasty ticket with Gazelle Travel. seems there are very few options available. The problem is that I live in North East England and, at present, there are no direct flights to LOS. So this means a connecting flight to one of the larger airports. I have been informed that one of the Middle Eastern operators (Etihad?) are going to fly out of Newcastle starting in October. Supposedly this will nor be direct but will involve a stop en-route. Maybe a bit of competition will help. I did ask at Courtneys how
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