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  1. clearing out a few things we upgraded our living room air com from 18,000 btu to a 30,000btu unit last month, it was strugling a little as we have a large thru kitchen living room. bargain for a quick sale . cost 28,000bt new 3 years ago advertised on thaivisa for 12000bt but if any members here want it i'll take 8000bt ., email me if interested simon @ iguk . org also a LG 6kg top loader washing machine, a bit faded from sitting in the sun but good working order a bargain at 3000bt to get it out of the way email me if interested simon @ iguk . org
  2. well.. a reply at least.. but. the photo is off another internet page (ie facebook), and is by no means showing anything compromising or embarasing i don't really think a forename only will assist anyone with identity theft and the idea of posting this came to me as a freind of 20 years ago posted a photo he came across of me , asking if anyone knew me which prompted someone to phone me to say that a pic of me with my arms around alice appeared on a forum and warning me in case my missus saw it. end result is we are going to be meeting up in town next month after not seeing each other
  3. oh dear .. lots of views but no one has ever seen him.. makes me wonder if i have been given the wrong info.
  4. after living here for 5 years i've just found out i have relations here also lol.. my daughter (age 7) from the uk is here at the moment and it would be nice for her to say hello to him also. his name is Jeffrey (Jeff). from solihull. and its likley i think as he was a publican that he may have a bar somewhere .. this pic i realise is very small but its the bes i can find.
  5. Hi Guys. i need to find a venue / facilities for a ISDN direct dial video conference link from pattaya to the UK urgently. to cut a long story very short. i have custody of my 10 year old english son who has been living here with me in LOS. he went back to the UK for a pre-arranged visit to his mother who has 'snatched' him now. it matter is in the UK courts next month. the court wants a direct video link to me/witness's here in thailand for myself and other to give evidence. this has to be ISDN direct dial. UK courts it seems do not have or use internet conferencing for court ca
  6. yup they are good.. they did me a site for bike rentals..
  7. now sold. (at full asking price) thanks for the enquires
  8. have a bike for sale if anyone is interested nice clean and tidy 3 year old Yamaha Nouvo MX 115cc scooter. just been serviced (today) all the oils etc, and was given a full check over . breaks, tyres and everything good, a good reliable bike with twin shocks on the back to absorb the extra farang weight for a good price. 23500 Baht
  9. owner/landlady is a goverment official from the local or-bor-tor. lease is 12 monthly with guarenteed renewal each year hand over fee to the landlady is 30,000 baht 50/50 me & buyer lease is in my company name at the moment.
  10. i was sure i put this in the op. but turnover is currently around 5k per day. thats turnover not profit thats from zero on day 1 three months ago ., also i've had problems with the g/f's lack of intrest gettting it open the hours i wanted 8am-10pm . i don;t pay myself for my time as i do not work in the minimart. thats why i'm selling it !! my buisness are webdesign & biek rentals , so i just do not have time for this shop. but i do pay the staff i'm using. the staff budget is 10k per month when open 8am - 10pm everyday, but currently 5500b per month as i've opened only after midday
  11. Yo. the 2 new 7/11's are near the X-roads on SS CC road. there not near the lake. i really ought to taek a photo of the lake view as the location is great. its about 50ft to the waters edge i'd say. and b4 someone asks no flood risk. reason for sale. bought the place as a minimart for tilak to run, and had plans of using some it as a office for my webdesign buisness. also to do bike rentals. suffice to say tilak lost intrest so now i have minimart that i am having to run myself. and i just do not have time as my english family (my 80 yr old mother & my 3 english kids) are here on a
  12. Minimart for sale , Mabprachan Lake Pattaya, with bedroom & kitchen 335,000 Baht. Minimart located around Mabprachan lake Pattaya between a few beer bars (Da Bar, Google Bar, mang Kang Bar) and just before Khin Johns restraunt. in a perfect location for the local expat community. no compeeting minimarts localy nor is there a 7/11 for over 4 miles. sale includes all fridges, shelving, counter, electronic till & ALL stock. a ready to go business venture. double shop unit with ample parking and large covered seating area with space for more than 6 tables large kitchen area , 1 bed
  13. so DOES anyone know the calender for the bike/car auction at big C ? the thapasit one is tbh to full these days .
  14. i had a few indian freinds from the UK turn up here in pattaya last week. they called me so i took them on a quick tour. one bar, sliver star go go on soi 7. i went in 1st with one guy, the rest dissapeared so we thought they were talking outside. after 20 mins we left and found them in the bar next door. they had been refused entry to the gogo.
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