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  1. Stayed there years ago before new wing opened - rooms then were about 600 and buffet 75 baht - wouldn't stay there for free now - and the buffet is definitely quantity over quality - it's a dump.
  2. VT6 condos are 48 sq metres - plenty big enough for me to stay long term.
  3. Not much of a view - and the balconies don't seem very secure - you can hop over them from one room to another in those pics.
  4. Soi13 is crammed with hotels/apartment bulidings - you can almost reach out and touch the buliding across the way - location is the main selling point.
  5. Saw a round trip from Manchester in June all on A380 for £552 - thought that was pretty decent - connecting times good at about 2hrs 30mins.
  6. I like the look of the area as I'm hoping to retire to Patts in a few years and there are some decent condos for around 15000 a month-that's a good value long term rate for the condo-the place is brand new and in good location
  7. I ate breakfast most mornings at Rosies-very good Irish breakfast-and evening specials were good also.I found food better than Pig next door. Good honest staff as welI-I was stupid enough to leave an expensive phone on the table one morning-didn't realise until I got back to my condo-ran back to Rosies to find it was waiting for me at the serving counter.
  8. Netflights has price of £515 on above À380 service-very tempting.
  9. Was just browsing Emirates site and came across some dates where it is possible to fly A380 all the way to and from Bangkok-not too bad a fare at about £550. I was looking at going out in May-would be a nice experience to sample the A380-good to see that it is not just London getting the choice-connect times are good also.Manchester departure is 14.10.
  10. Not great having an open router-I stayed in VT6 recently and they were password protected.
  11. Agoda booking works out about £20 a night-that seems decent price for new place.Negative is no free wifi,rooms on one side face entertainment complex,other side Action Street(although only a handful of bars there now).Pool doesn't look as if it would get much sun. But the rooms,whilst compact,manage to fit in a small kitchen and table/chairs,and a sofa.Rooms are advertised with balcony but they must be pretty small,can't see any chair etc on the website pics. Be nice if someone who stayed there posted a review and some pics.For anyone who likes staying in Soi B area,worth a look.
  12. If you are on a budget,the place seems good value,especially at the current low season rate of 490 a night.
  13. Hey Gabor-when I stayed in VT6 there was a list on the lift wall reminding condo owners that their cable was due for renewal-and your name was on it! I hope you managed to renew it-wouldn't like to think you were cut off!!
  14. I stayed in VT6 recently,and for the first time in Jomtien in VT2A (they were Dancewatchers condos for rent). I thought security was fine in VT2A with keycard entry to buiding-yes easy enough to slip in through open door during day but not at night-VT6 has security guy by lift but you would never be stopped. The corridors in VT2 were dark-VT6 has been described as having hospital corridors but they are wide and light. Swimming pool areas were nice in both-and I liked pool cafe in VT2-useful to get out of the sun and have a coffee. VT2 location seemed fine to me,short walk to beach and some
  15. It's certainly a good location for getting everywhere-I went past it a lot in May,it looked very nice-ideal for couples also I would guess.Great pics.
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