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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Don't you just hate that situation when you're picking up your bags at the airport, and everyone's luggage is better than yours. A real worst case scenario.
  2. America was not shut down properly. Would you like to start America in safe mode, with free healthcare & without the guns? (Recommended)
  3. For my upcoming 4 day pattaya bender this week, I have booked my self into http://www.r-conblueocean.com/ Seems like a new hotel, with a great promotion - has anyone stayed here or heard of any reviews? thanks.
  4. I won’t let my outstanding personal issues with the owners cloud my HONEST review... I have stay there many times i personally think The Drunken Duck is actually a very good bar, great place to stay and fantastic location. They have renovated the rooms to a very good standard. The bed is comfortable and the rooms are always clean. Most of the staff are pleasant, helpful and they make you feel welcome. This has potentially IF managed properly , to be one of the best guesthouses in Pattaya. I would highly recommended anyone who has not been there before to give the place a try.
  5. There is nothing like stuffing you're belling before you go out and commit a crime.
  6. When you need or require some handy work to your room, a joiner fee will became applicable
  7. 9K is taking the piss - That's 9 short times wasted!
  8. The trouble with the referees is that they are chosen as the best officials to referee at the tournament, however FIFA always say before a tournament begins clampdown on this clampdown on that, this is where the referees dither into two minds, they don't want to get sent home early so are prone to get decisions wrong either way, IMO for WC 2014, referees should be allowed to referee as they do week in week out , referee to their strengths if you will. Now having said that, there have been some excellent and proper shite referees so far. Viktor Kassai, for me put in another calm, colle
  9. I'll be there SM and don't worry about you misuses or GF, as rockmouse will take care!
  10. England for sure will win - 4-0. Defoe, Lampard, Terry and J Cole
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