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  1. hi can you send me a pic to austin2602@hotmail.com

    Is it 2 Baht in weight ???

  2. Would love to know what you Brum boys get taught at primary school ? Must be an earning opportunity for when you buggers grow up One assumes he's on some sexual perversion or have WBA boys just strung him up ?? Or is he brown bread-he don't look to healthy !! PS Keefie glad to see you're following a real forum !!
  3. Cant argue with that pricing from Manchester !! 23kgs is still slightly more than most. Take into account 7-8 kgs of hand luggage plus a few kilos leeway on the checked baggage and you're looking at 35 kg in total ?? More than enough ??
  4. Seats are very small despite what seat guru might state.
  5. Any news on your german screwing your bride lately ??

  6. Anythings fine except dont walk around in the evenings with shirts hanging out-not only does it look stupid but thais laugh at you behind your back
  7. The Lodge is 880 baht per night !!! Check it out yourself. Unless you walk in looking a slob with your tail hanging out and an attitude.
  8. For christs sake just book the Flipper lodge with the best rooftop pool in Pattaya-why the fuck anyone would book rooms in LK metro and suchlike is beyond me. You guys spend more in motos and taxis from that area then it would cost you to spend in a proper hotel right on the baht bus route ??
  9. Yes a sad weekend-I am officially in mourning for a week.Even 10 bollacky Go Go dancers wouldn't rouse me.
  10. Absolute fucking disgrace-make the cunts sit in economy on the flight home tomorrow. Worse England display Ive ever watched.Need some valium to calm down !
  11. Class pure class (but sadly true)
  12. 427 quid is well cheap !! Paid 410 once 14 years ago on Eva but that was when the taxes etc was only 20 quid. They must be hurting in the pocket ??
  13. Contact your booking agent or Eva direct and get a hard copy of a response so there is no dispute on check in.
  14. Who has insulted the Germans ??
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