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  1. Hi,need to activate my 2nd tourist visa later this month looking for information if all is back to normal at ban pakard crossing anyone been there lately I plan on driving there and back myself. thanks
  2. Both my 5 year ones are up for renewal in December .I visit every year for the winter 6 months now on a treble entry 60 day holiday visit visa when.I originally got it I was on a multi o visas but they wont issue that visa to me as we are not married .I have a yellow book for my house.will they issue me again for 5 years on this visa? thanks
  3. H,i Ive seen pub type beer signs for sale regularly on the car boot /fleamarket type sale at dusk every night opposite the garage on threppasit road road if its any help
  4. Have a look on www.ebay.co.uk seen progammable remotes less than £5 each they even have together with cotrol box for switching the motor.Ive bought many items from uk, hong kong, china,singapore etc advertised on uk ebay all posted to my gaff pattaya,If you pay via paypal and it dont arrive you get a refund
  5. Also we brough tour dead dad home from thailand in a big butty bin + video an interwiew with David Farrells daughters www.andrew-drummond.com/2012/10/we-brought-our-dead-dad-home-from.html
  6. http://www.andrew-drummond.com/2012/10/merseyside-millionaire-awaited-his-own.html the link takes you to drummonds website but for some reason it wont open directly, if you go to the home box click on it and read merseyside millionaire awaited his own fate in thailand
  7. Hi,just been informed I will lose 29 thousand award miles if I dont use them by start of new year.despite having over 130 000 I have never been able to book a suitable flight to los with them that suited me, all that were available had long layovers or obscure times,in fact they changed their timings from manchester a few years ago and I started using etihad as it suited me better,till they dropped their baggage allowance.Already booked with emirates later this month for a 6 month trip 30kg baggage no problem.can the qatar miles they be used on any local trips within asia or exchanged for goo
  8. Buy a true international sim from 7/11 49bht for sim 90 bht to charge it, can call uk landlines cheaply for 1bht per minute. to dial uk on it 00600 44 if calling mobiles not so cheap about 6bht per min sim lasts 1 year after 1st top up
  9. I got some bird spikes made up at a stainless shop and fitted them on the ledges where pidgeons where roosting,gone away now!
  10. appology s for double post unable to correct
  11. Just paid 12,560 bht with CAT accounting on threppasit road same price as last year
  12. Ive stopped booking with them,because only 23kgs ,next time you book, try emirates or qatar 30 kilos cattle class with ff card
  13. Good airline but now only allowing 23 kg ff coral class , will be voting with my feet and be booking emirates or qatar 30 kg allowance ,busy furnishing house from car boot sales uk
  14. Just found etihad man/bkk £467 various dates starting 27th august up until 8th december at this price checkout www. lastmimute .co.uk and tick the box for search 3 days either side of dates only 23 kgs baggage allowance though if coral class
  15. Try Narong stainless 33/6 moo10 soi 67 sukhumvit road tel 038 900 044
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