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  1. You cannot change Dong in Thailand. I visit Viet Nam a lot and have tried.
  2. Yuth bar opposite Big C is great on Friday and Saturday is great if you like Rock music. Leo Blues bar in Naklua not bar either. I miss the Ugly Brothers in FLB. Who would like to see them or similar type of thing return? We can have a sing song.
  3. I wouldn't buy a Pug in Thailand. They get breathing problems. IMHO only buy a Thai dog in Thailand. All the European breeds are great but you will be lucky if one survives puppyhood. Save yourself a lot of heartache and buy something like a Thai Bankeaw. Nothing kills those bastards. Ours had Parvo and was only mildly sick for 2 days.
  4. Thanks for posting. Brings back some memories. The best time to visit Chaiyaphum is when they have their special flower bloom. Krajows I think they are called. Really lovely and the views into the valley are wonderful. All pink. Boring place for nightlife. Every falang I met there was on heroin. Think I'd probably go the same way if I had to live there.
  5. Thai Airways is still my fav airline. Some of the planes have IFE. They are upgrading their fleet and changing things about so you might get lucky and find yourself on a newer aircraft.
  6. It's weird. I had a nostalgia trip to Happy a while back. I saw the gil on the right dancing. Shes kin hot mate. In the old days I married one of the Happy Go Go girls and took her back to UK. Our relationship didn't work out funnily enough.
  7. 1999 - 2003 I would say where the years when the Kuoni deal was on.
  8. I nearly agree with you 100%. Granted, she is in my all time best ever Pattaya girls. Trouble was, you have to look at it in reality. She was a sexy little tart, great dancer on yabba. If you look about now there are quite a few girls like her doing the rounds. I was with one last week and could name a couple more off the top of my head. Again, I'm not going to argue here. Last weeks example. Young, on Ice, tight body, bareback, fucked nasty all night and most of next day. Really really top performer. Bunged her 1500 LT. Personally, I don't know or have not been anyway where that is available.
  9. A lot of the ex pats and long term mongors moan about things not being the same as before. Tonight for the first time ever I took the trouble to work out the exact cost one of my old holidays would be now. We all used to go to WS and shag sexy young tarts then go back to nice hotel.So based on a 14 night stay. THEN. I used to pay a special Kuoni deal. 2 weeks in the Dusit seaview room, airport pick up and BA direct flight for 700 quid. We went once a year. I remember drinking Salty Dogs in the bar there before we went out. You remember. I only went with Happy Go Go tarts. It used to be 1500 LT plus 500 BF 14 nights with one of them used to cost 28000 divided by 70 baht to pound. Total 400 notes. I reckon we would do max about 900 notes spending as we weren't big drinkers. We'd go out for a meal then hit Moon River or Thai House for the entertainment. So a first class holiday would sting you 2000 quid. The girls didn't shag as good but gave a fantastic GFE. NOW. Just the flight would be 700 quid. How much is it from UK now? Dusit is 4000 baht a night. So room would be 56,000 baht now at roughly 46 to the pound Total 1217 quid. We used to have the pick of the tarts in Happy but I bet you would be lucky to find one to stay LT for 2500 plus 600 BF. 14 nights =43,400 baht at 46 to the pound. Total 943 quid. The girls shag better but I'm not sure you could get the GFE like we used to. I know now you would need roughly 10,000 baht a day to live like we did then. Total 140,000 baht divided by 46 = 3043 quid. Roughly 5900 pounds for the same holiday. Yes you could say Dusit is a rip off and you can get a decent hotel of the same standard for say 2000 baht. That might knock 600 quid off the total but you can see where I am coming from. On a plus side the sex available here is incredible. What is regarded as standard fare would cost a lot more anywhere else in the world. I know there will be people on here saying the Go Go scene is a rip off and they prefer an older beer bar tart from New Plaza that takes care. I don't believe it. That's bollocks. It's down to money. If you have enough coin the Go Go girls with the attitude would treat you like your Bamboo bar granma is now and trust me you would be a lot happier about life.
  10. I think it's in bad taste to name and shame the girls. If you are stupid enough to send a girl in Pattaya money that is your failing not hers. I think it's a better idea to post pictures of the guy and criticize him. The girls are prostitutes working in a bar fucking for money. Give them a break. Most on here are fat ugly bastards. Do you really think a 20 year old TG likes you? Just enjoy the sex. Hit it heavy. You are an ugly bastard and she is pretty so you pay. That's it. Saying that. I'm a sponsor myself. I'm on a pay as you go deal rather than the monthly contract
  11. I was also in Saigon Girl when they were there. Didn't look that threatening to me. I don't get these biker gangs in LOS. To me they seem like copies of the real thing.
  12. Premiership restaurant in Naklua 2am.
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