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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Gents, 3 week vacation and I needed to have smoothie's and coffee in the morning. I paid just under 2000 baht at Big C . Pick up on Friday. Obviously, still like new. Offers?
  2. SOLD, 70K sniff, sniff, she was a great bike and will be missed!!!!
  3. I bought these and rarely used them but they are a LOT more comfortable than the hard plastic ones you're and always guaranteed a lounger when you want to hit the pool side or beach? They are very sturdy, no worries of collapsing. still have original boxes. I paid 1200, baht each, so 1000 for both seems like a great deal to me. Thanks for looking.
  4. new pics added http://bangkok.craigslist.co.th/mcy/4974936181.html
  5. Here is a bit more information; I am the original owner. D-Tracker upgrades & Extras "De-restricted” with new OEM ECU installed by Pattaya Kawasaki (9,000 Baht) Yoshimura slip on exhaust, (10,000 baht) really nice sound!!!! Reduced final drive gearing, (one tooth down on the front 3 up on the back) and new 520 O-ring chain for better performance around town. Frame sliders Aftermarket Tail with new LED turn signals Green book, two keys and I.D. tag, English owner’s manual Good selection of tools. 3 covers Tie downs New Battery Oil changed every year, regardless of mileage, with full synthetic. This bike has always been stored under cover out of the weather, very clean. I have all original parts!!! Yes, I am asking Top dollar but this bike is worth it. I will consider offers subject to April 25th pick up. No test pilots without cash in hand. Better pictures coming soon!!!
  6. No Pizza, but you can eat pancakes?..............this needs some explaining because I can't see the logic?
  7. Yup, old pics, I just liked the back ground, I'll post new ones. It has a range of about 120 km's before the light goes on. Cheers
  8. No longer an Ex-Pat so it’s time to sell my beloved toy. This bike has only been used for a few months a year while on leave from my cruise ship job. It has been well maintained, not a mark on her, lots of extras, and only 6000 km’s. This is a very fun bike to whip around town on or even a longer trip if you wish. This model has changed very little over the past few years so why buy new??? 80,000 Baht
  9. Hey Everyone, Anyone got a good idea on where to watch the fireworks that will be happening this weekend? Thanks
  10. I stayed there last week and my room was nowhere near the construction site and the noise was UNBEARABLE!!! The pile driving and drilling started every morning at 08:00 and continue for at least 4 hours. They have been preparing the site for almost a year now, the progress of this resort is ridiculous. IMO, the Areca is no longer an option when staying in Pattaya unless you are prepared for the noise or a fight to get a different room.
  11. Simple, My GF has been living with me in Pattaya for some time now. She heard some guys in a beer bar talking about Soi 6, so I took her to see for herself. We went into "Lick" and met these two great BG's. They just loved chatting with my GF and loved to play with her hair (Putting it in to braid etc...). They were a great laugh and we returned several times. Sex never entered the equation. Just nice people and good times. Yep, who would have guessed on Soi 6 this could happen.
  12. Details, everything is in the details. I guess I forgot to point out the obvious. These four guys walked into a small bar with loud music playing and only 3 other customers,US. Yes, they were noticed. Did I made some mistake of not "observing" some moment of silence? I leaned over and said something to my girlfriend, which was impossible for them to hear. The Biker then walk across the bar, and does the "in your Face" routine. I obviously surprised him by saying what I actually said how innocent and stupid it was. I'm sure he was hoping for a more aggressive response. Would he have believed any other answer? What if I told him I said to her its "laundry day tomorrow", would he have believed me then? Do you think he would have said, Oh my bad, please excuse me. He then starts picking on a 70 year old, 100 Pound man, we were enjoying a quiet drink with. He had said nothing and the Biker knew it. Do your really believe for one second when he started yelling to his mates "were leaving" they were actually going to leave? Give your head a shake. He was obviously try trying to escalate the situation by getting his mates involved. I'm sure he had no plans on leaving. So why the post? Certainly not to be flamed by you or share my embarrassment. Karma If one person reads my post and see these guys in a Bar, maybe he'll decide to choose another bar and save himself the possible embarrassment of what I had to go through or worse. Yes, these guys are not always looking for trouble, but, sometime they are.
  13. WOW, Wholly crap where the hell did this come from? I'm, Ex Canadian Navy. I have the utmost respect for all service men. If in some post, years ago, I said some comment about the number of sailors in Town, I was JOKING!!!!! What the hell does the Cobras have to do with service members anyways?
  14. Yes, I agree. I don't know I said what I did. The only reason I can think of is, these guys all had an "unfriendly" look on them the moment they walked in. Regardless, I told the guy exactly what I said and how nothing was meant by it. They were looking for trouble, I'm sure it would have only been a matter of time before they said something to me or about my girlfriend. Thanks for all of the supportive comments. It was crappy to be sure. I am really wondering why these guys would want to come to Pattaya strap on Leather chaps, vests, boots and then parade around like some sort of "Thug Parade" in 30 degree heat. You think they would want to put on flip-flops and go lie on a beach. Is it some sort of biker holiday? Are they not in a MC Chapter at home?
  15. I had a very disappointing experience last night. My British GF and I were enjoying a drink with a few BG's we have befriended in a Soi 6 bar last night. Then, in walks four Cobra MC members in full colors and patches. I said to my GF "now is not the time to start joking around". One of the members them walks straight towards me and in a unmistakable tone starts the "you talking about me" crap. I said, "Yes, I was telling my GF now is no time to fuck around, no harm or disrespect was meant". He then starts to rough up this very old frail guy that was sitting with us and giving him the "you talking about us" routine as well, which he wasn't. The Cobra guy then walks back over to his makes and gives them the "come on, were leaving" speech and they all then said why? He then turns and points at me and in a loud voice says "this fuck is talking about us" It was at this point I realized things were definitely going to escalate, so I got up and said, "No you don't, Check Bin." I paid bill and we left. This was such a disappointment. Who need this type of crap! What the fuck else was I going to do? The shape and age of these thugs, was nothing too scary for me, but the thought of spending time in a Thai jail does. Plus, maybe they had a weapon? With four of them and just me, I wasn't going to walk away with out a scratch for sure. How big and serious are these guys here? Anyone else ever had a problem with them?
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