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  1. They done me the same at this place 6 years ago, never been back since. Cant believe they are still at it after all this time.
  2. If he has a few bob and knows someone, he will be back to Sweeden soon and the girl back on the game. Life is cheep here...
  3. Lived here in Pattaya 7 years but have not been to Pattaya beach for 4 years after experiencing the discusting condition then. My girlfriends daughter is down from the village so we gave it a go today. I was so shocked at the FILTHY dump. We got a chair, then we approched the waters edge !!! Oh my God what a shock...Bottles, bags, tins, condoms, ect, all covered in a film of oil. Unbelivable, we walked away in disgust and we asked the guy, who was running the deckchairs/bar near the waters edge, WHY was it left like this. ..He just laughed..so funny. Why cant they pay a guy to clean the beach
  4. Getting tiered of sophons poor service to the English speaking costumers. Whats a good alternative. The've even done away with the Pattaya news. Sophon IS CRAP
  5. Where's the best place to have a nice Christmas Dinner, whithout a western price tag ?
  6. Are they showing it and what time ? Many thanks....
  7. I live in Pattaya and need to get back to Birmingham in a few weeks. The airfare FROM Bangkok to UK is a crazy price. Emirates want 1,000 pounds ret but looking at the prices on many bucket shops in UK going FROM B/ham to Bkk ret, its around 500 !!! I am thinking of getting a single to Brum then book bargain ret fare but not sure about flexibility of the cheep deals from UK. Has anyone done this ?
  8. I trained him as a England elite boxer at Crystal Palace and agree he was outclassed, the better fighter won, Klich was too big and strong for the LIGHT heavyweight cockney.
  9. Watch it on Sophan tv Astro channel. Great coverage of David and Goliath.
  10. Where can I watch the big fight in the am ??
  11. Anyone know where the big fight is being shown and the time. I fancy Haye to win.
  12. Anyone else havin conection probs ? I live on ko Noi and my green conection light on my modem keeps going off and i loose my conection, anoying as I like to play cards online and i get a good hand and the lights go out. Been like this for 2 week no, just wodering if it was a local prob. Cheers
  13. Does it piss anyone else off when you reach traffic lights here and roast in the sun for 5 minutes and more while a cop daydreams at the control box. I was traveling down Siam country club rd yesterday and the cars were backed up past the railway lines. I thought it was the usual royal escort on Suk or maybe an RTA but no, just mr plod. The lights work efficiently enough allowing everyone a fare crack but you know when you ride up to a big jam Mr brown shirt is at it again Go and look for the baddies and leave well alone
  14. NEVER EVER put a Thai girls name to your investments. If you fall out, and you usually do, kiss your dosh goodbye and go home empty handed like many many men. Always have that card in YOUR pocket. If you intend to live here, go the company way, IN YOUR NAME !!!
  15. I bought a new house in a company name 7 years ago, pay 10,000 bht for my audit each year and feel I,ve got a good deal. My house is sound in every way. Have not bought to make a fast buck, I intend to be here for many years. Good investment for me.
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