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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Last trip I booked April......wifi, was crap above 3 rd floor......moved to March....nicer hotel, better rooms, just a tad off the beaten track. Dogs barking out back, not great August more expensive, but good for baht bus to everywhere.
  2. Thanks Martin......waste of time going if it's always raining
  3. Boring topic I know.....have the chance of a whistle stop week in Patts from May 5th....Is it Pissing down every day?cheers
  4. Thanks Andy...this house was built to a well above average Thai spec, have spent time there, seems in good order
  5. Yes thats right...whatever the norm is with 'House' purchase, not the Condo lease deal
  6. Old chesnut I know guys, but have the chance to buy a house in Hua Hin, at a very good price, good location, own pool, 20% less than build cost 8 years ago, the 49% ownership factor is my main worry, the owner is a long standing mate, and the house is rented out to Brits at this time.... would value all your comments. Cheers
  7. An old chesnut I know guys, but I have the chance to buy (OK 49% factor....your thoughts on this are important!) a house in Hua Hin, at a very good price. Well below build cost 8 years ago, area is very good. looking at the house as a retirement investment 3/4 years down the line. It is rented to Britsh people at present....ok enough waffle.....how do you guys feel about buying on the 49% deal. This is a very nice place, not on an estate, has its own pool,and is secure....your thought please Gents
  8. The Empress is girl friendly....some reviews would be handy
  9. Any one stayed at the Sabia Empress yet....and most important ....is it girl friendly
  10. Hi Pat, arriving Sunday 20th around 17.00, will drop by see if you have a room, cant book as I work for BA, and am on a standby fare, might not get on the flight, hope to see you Cheers Flyboy747 (Kevin)
  11. Thanks Guys,any alternatives up to 1200 Cheers
  12. Hi Any good news on this hotel, and is it noisy, told its on Soi Bukhao (how do you pronunce that??) At 800-1000 bht it looks good?
  13. Hi anyone know what the mystery 3* @ 1039 baht might be, near Hard Rock?, Joiner fees?
  14. Arrive BA 009 15.20, anyone up for a taxi share to Patts
  15. Thanks Guys, I got a great industry rate at The Marriot, leave Wed night, also been told the new D2 (Dusit Group) is great for sundowners etc, and fab food Cheers Flyboy
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