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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I too have an issue with the unhappy service from the staff and as I speak some Thai I really object to them talking about the customers. Ib is a great guy and has a really good strategy with the customer always being right. The RG deserves to do well but on my last few trips I have had problems with the aircon breaking, no hot water in the bathroom and the internet is slow and often breaks. I've been staying elsewhere and wish they would invest in the rooms. The road is so busy now and even at the back it is noisy, they really need better windows to block the noise.
  2. I've always wondered what possesses farangs to get up and dance...
  3. Each post has a link 'Top' that will take you ack to the top of the page
  4. Flat screen TVs in the bedrooms would be nice, better curtains in the bedrooms to block out the light, double glazing in the bedrooms so you are not disturbed by people walking in the corridor, remote controls for the air con, just some nice touches. Not knocking the place, it was great when it was new, the rooms need a facelift now in my opinion.
  5. As the poster above says, those prices are too high.
  6. Have they updated the rooms? As you say now 15 years old and clean but looking a bit dated now.
  7. I think RG rooms need a bit of a facelift now...looking a bit old.
  8. I've stayed very recently and lots of the rooms still have the old style TVs in the bedrooms. It's an ok place but the rooms are looking a bit dated now. My aircon wasn't working for 2 days and despite assurances it was fixed it was not. I confronted the guy on the desk and he apologised and said he forgot to tell maintenance to fix it! So a second night with no aircon in the bedroom. Can be very noisy round the pool with the traffic passing up and down the road.
  9. More painful than the tatto and the healing is a pain...the itching for me is the worst. As you get further along you get bleeding with it as well and as it's flushed through your kidneys it hits your immune system.
  10. Don't bother, it's pianful and needs many sessions. The worst thing is the itching, you want to rip your own skin off.
  11. I've found the food to be middle of the road, no problems though. You will always get a resolution to the problem though, it might be a bit a late but at least you wont pay for a meal if it's wrong in some way.
  12. So, how did it go, places open or shut? Were bars allowed to operate as usual?
  13. I would spend more time in a place that bans smoking and have certainly left a few places because they are too smokey.
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