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  1. Thanks for the update and it’s a real shame if they are having to sell it.
  2. Hi Odense, Thanks for the update you were able to give and hopefully it won’t be too long before you are back in the Kingdom
  3. Hi guys, if you do happen to pass it by and it does look open again, I would be really grateful for a heads up. Thanks :)
  4. Front building with the reception I believe
  5. Hi Odense, Thanks for the update, appreciate the local view.
  6. My travelling buddy messaged the hotel and got a reply that they are using only the back building and no timescale to re-open the front building. We won’t go as the front building is the best IMHO and we don’t want to stay at the back.
  7. Thank you CalEden. It’s a shame, maybe Covid finished them off? I always enjoyed staying there.
  8. Thanks. I was hoping to hear from someone who was staying there and hear how things are now
  9. Thanks guys. I’ve known booking sites take reservations for closed hotels. If it’s still boarded up at the front then it’s not looking good.
  10. Thank you. I’m hoping someone who passes by might be able to given an update.
  11. Hi, I am aware that the deal with the RG has ended but I wondered if anyone has stayed recently and if it’s the still the same family that own it. I always had good experiences there and looking to book a stay again. I’ve looked on Google maps and it looks to be boarded up across the steps at the front but that could just be from Covid? Thanks in advance.
  12. I too have an issue with the unhappy service from the staff and as I speak some Thai I really object to them talking about the customers. Ib is a great guy and has a really good strategy with the customer always being right. The RG deserves to do well but on my last few trips I have had problems with the aircon breaking, no hot water in the bathroom and the internet is slow and often breaks. I've been staying elsewhere and wish they would invest in the rooms. The road is so busy now and even at the back it is noisy, they really need better windows to block the noise.
  13. I've always wondered what possesses farangs to get up and dance...
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