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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Peckerwood = Knob......fact..!!!! you dont slag off the brits with one bad experience.....!!!!! do it at your peril mate....do it to our face......and you may not do it again..!!
  2. hi can you send me a pic to austin2602@hotmail.com

    Is it 2 Baht in weight ???

  3. Hi Chaps Took the family down to Ban Phe for the first time of many trips to Los. Have to say some great beaches around the area.....Suan Son beach & Mae Phim Beach....kilometers of sandy beaches and no one on them.... Took a speedboat over to Samet one day.....Sai Kaiw Beach...another corker..!!! As there was eleven of us from Ubon..6 adults 5 kids.....found it ard to find the right combination of rooms..!!!......But found a place called the Bedrock Guest House.....2 aircon room...650 baht each....a family room 2 doubles and a single 1100 baht a night....and a fan room 200 baht.....all great rooms. The bloke who owns the place an Aussie called Mark was a great lad.....As soon as i arrived was welcomed into the bar with all the other ex pats....Aussies, Canadian, South African and made to feel one of the lads. The girls working there....Mark's wife Aom, and the bar girls Tata..where great fun....always up for a laugh..!!!! Any of you looking to go to Samet ....I would recommend staying there and doing day trip to the Island as the beach on the Island gets packed. I have no interest in this bar, before you all start shouting, just had a great time there..and always pass recommendations on as I have never met a nicer bunch of blokes and girls to spend 3 days with....who also went out of the way to make my Thai family comfortable aswell. Mark, Aom and Staff, if you read this site.......A big thankyou to you all..!!! P.S. I got the place on a google search..!!!!!......There are a few other guesthouses in the area..!!!!
  4. Need to know roughly how many kilometers between them Cheers Z
  5. I'm ENGLISH....none of this British shit..!!!!!....
  6. Any info on the above and the area of Ban Phe would be much appreciated. i.e beach, bars, restaurants etc Looking to take the family down there.. Cheers. Z
  7. anyone know of any 2 bedroom apartments in pattaya for 6 days in April... Good rates needed is possible..!! please leave your recomendations and websites here.. Thanks in advance.
  8. Anybody stayed at these apartments.....and your thoughts on access to soi 7-8 areas...??? What are the rooms like....looking to book the 2 bedroom apartment......also whats the pool like..??? Cheers
  9. I'll second you there Vegas....as many people have said."Owning a bar in Los is a loss before you start......unless you have something very special.......Good luck in Cambodia..
  10. Seeker, some of us have been to Thailand many times...40+ times....... and are married to Thais...... bringing the daughter and nephew as a present for her hard work as she is home for 2 months from her private school in Ubon Ratchathani. She wants to go to the beach for a trip..!!!!!........The only water round there is the Moon River or The Mekhong River.....and I wouldn't put you in there....let alone her..!!!! Hope this answers your questions..!!!
  11. Why haven't you done it then Vegas..????
  12. Your views on the above hotel....if you have stayed there lately woud be much appreciated..!!! Cheers
  13. Your thoughts on the above subject please lads... Looking for a good gaff ....but maybe bringing daughter and niece and nephew...... So mainly good cheapish guesthouses.....up to 1000 a night per room (obviously might need 2 or 3 rooms)...... Cheers
  14. just heard from a friend that the Welcome plaza has done its rooms up....he's staying there..!!!! Anyone stayed there since this has happened..?? 880 a night for a room 1050 for deluxe.
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