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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Having a female doctor does have it's downside. A couple of weeks ago I went to a dermatologist to have a wart removed from my dick. The doctor was female, as was her assistant. Neither one was particularly hot, but they were not unattractive either. Anyway, as I was lying on my back with my pants pulled down, they took an agonizingly long time. all the while handling my dick, to get the job done. To compound the problem, I had been out the night before on one of my sex binges and had ingested Viagra, which was still in my system with the attendant effects. Anyway, I felt my member stirring, but thankfully I was able to control it. If either one of these women had been as hot as my opthamoloist, I wouldn't have been able to control it.
  2. Good one. But you won't get me again, because I have discovered how to use the spell checker on the forum (duh). Anyway, why do you keep changing your avatar? Are you trying to go incognito? At any rate, they are all an improvement on the old pig head.
  3. No, eye doctors with an MD are called opthamologists. And actually, I told a little white lie. I knew that kids doctors are pediatricians, but I wan't sure how to spell it and i was just too lazy at the time to cut and paste it to MS word where I have a spell checker.
  4. Just thought i would post this observation, which I find extremely interesting. Back in the US where I am from, the vast majority of medical doctors and dentists are male. The only exception I can think of are doctors for children (sorry, I forget the name). Otherwise, back in America I never once encountered a female doctor or dentist that treated me. But here in Thailand it is quite the opposite. Almost all the dentists I have encountered have been female. ALL the skin doctors have been female. Today I went to a followup visit to a female eye doctor. She looks like she is about 23 or 24 and is incredibly hot. But she must be pushing 30 at least, or she couldn't have finished medical school and residency. I have an appointment with her a week from now that I really don't need, but I may just keep the appointment to find out more about her and about female medical professionals here in Thailand..gists
  5. Paps, you have a very good point. Quite frankly, I am appalled by the level that American culture has sunk to. America is still the cultural leader of the world, and we should be ashamed.
  6. Joe, I don't always see eye to eye with you, but to have Europeans lecture Americans on morality is utterly ludicrous. The two world wars were European wars. Not sure how many people were killed in WWI, but in WWII there were in excess of 60 million. By contrast the wars America has been involved in since WWII have had relatively few civilian casualties. You Europeans are self righteous hypocrites.
  7. Thanks for the history lessen .Actually, I would much prefer being southern white trailer trash than being the current President fo the US, a low life Marxist-Leninist like Barack Obama who got where he is solely because of his race. And I chose that moniker "peckerwood" because woodpecker (with all of it's wonderful sexual allusions) was already taken. And as I have said before, I was formally an Anglophile. Actually, I am still an Anglophile on one level. I am an American, and almost all the good things about America we inherited from the British. I still think that the British Empire was the best thing that ever happened to the world. But modern day Britain has lost it's way, and America is very likely to follow. It is very sad, really.
  8. I fully expected go get a lot of shit on this board for slagging off the Brits. This is because I fully understand that perhaps 90% of the guys on this board are Brits. But I pose the question again: how many of you Brits are low life welfare queens. How many of you are on the dole? I suspect that the vast majority of you scum bags fit into this category.
  9. you are a complete British dickhead. I paid the electricity bill and the remaining two weeks of my notice fully out of my deposit. After that these British scumbags still owed me over a thousand baht. I think that Britain still has a lot of good people, but the fucking Brits that come to Pattaya are welfare queens and are the lowest of the low.
  10. I think you are probably right. I took a bicycle tour around Britain about 30 years ago, and I fell in love with the country and the people. But from everything I have read and the people I have talked to, Britain has changed very much for the worse since then. Now, if you are a young white native Brit without skills you don't work anymore, but just live on the dole. The unskilled work is done almost exclusively by immigrants. I don't know how many of these lay abouts have the means to come to Pattaya. Certainly Pattaya attracts the very lowest stratum of British society. Anybody have a reading on this? Actually, I think I will make this a poll. How many of you tatooed english hoolagans that come here regularly hold down regular jobs? And how many either have inherited money from their parents or hoard their government welfare so that they can come here once or twice a year?
  11. You must be a fucking Brit yourself. If you read my post, I offered to move back into the condo for an extra two weeks and pay the bastard an extra two weeks of rent. I also offered to pay the electricity bill. That would put me in full compliance with the contract. But of course, I would then expect a full refund of my deposit. No doubt this low life would then find an excuse to not refund my deposit, but then there would be no way for the son-of-a-bitch to escape the fact that he was a total scum bag. Anyway, he turned my offer down, allowing him to justify his entirely dishonourable behavior in his own mind.
  12. No. They are not all bad. But I have yet to have a good experience with British guys(especially young). One time in Bangkok I was having what I thought was a friendly conversation with a British guy in a bar, and the conversation turned to terrorism. He claimed that the Christians were just as bad as the Muslims. I politely replied that I hadn't noticed how Christians were flying airplanes into buildings killing thousands or blowing up trains in London, and for this transgression of political correctness he threatened me with physical violence. Are all Brits bad? Of course not. It's just that I would like to meet a good one.
  13. Never had a very high opinion of British guys in Pattaya (you know the type: tatoos from head to toe, really weird haircuts, etc. etc.) But I mostly figured that the older types (over 50 or so) could perhaps be trusted. Anyway, I rented a condo from a Brit who claims to have served in the Royal Navy, so I figured this guy probably had a sense of honor and could be trusted. I had a few misgivings about the condo, so I did not sign a long term lease (just rented month to month). Anyway, I found a better deal in the same building, so I notified him that I would be moving out. I did not give him a full 30 days notice as required by the contract, but was fully prepared to pay him the extra 2 weeks rent. So I meet this guy to settle accounts and he announces that I am in breach of contract and must therefore forfeit my entire deposit (sorry. Forgot to mention that I also had a 3000 baht electricity bill that would be deducted from the deposit). So basically what this ass hole wanted was for me to pay the electricity bill and also forfeit my entire deposit. So then I got very angry and stormed out and told him I have nothing more to say to him (at which time he threatened to call the police). But then a little bit later I had a bright idea, so I call him back and told him that I would move back into his condo for the extra two weeks and pay the extra rent and pay the electricity bill, but would expect a full refund of my deposit. This he turned down. Not sure why. I have had many landlords in the past. Mostly Thai, one time an Indian, and one time a Russian. They have always treated me fairly. The one exception has been this scum bag Brit. I have learned my lesson. I will not have any further dealings with these vermin.
  14. Why is this being posted here? This kind of drivel really detracts from this forum. And just prior to this post was one titled "British Honorary consul resigns". Jesus fucking Christ, you fucking Brits are getting to be so tiresome. Hell, I know that the so-called "working class" British dominate the farang scene in Pattaya. Actually, "working class" is a misnomer. They by and large belong to the welfare class from such cesspools as Liverpool and Birmingham. But all this shit is off topic. Maybe MM should have a special, separate forum where self obsessed Brits can bloviate about this stuff til the cows come home.
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