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  1. never stayed at lord nelson and never had the urge, but have stayed at queen vic and had nothing but praise, decent rooms, facilities, food and reasonably priced, with vic being a good host, plus not far to stumble back after enjoying the ladies on soi 6 hahahaha cheers al
  2. stayed there in march and was my 3rd visit to the hotel. always liked the place and has been said great if you like lazing by the pool, with all 3 pools having nice settings. in march stayed at a type b villa at the top end, very secluded and the noise from hollywood disco round the back never bothered me as once in the room couldn't hear anything. always been girl friendly and still no problem when taking 2 girls back, if you have a regular girl can arrange with reception not to bother with leaving id. one of the reasons i like staying there is it's next to big c, so plenty of sh
  3. hello Alan , how are you mate , ave u made any deffernate plans yet for your next trip , I ave not booked yet, am looking at 3 weeks from October 30ish or from 5th November , been watching flight prices up £100 on last year F***king fuel prices , I would like to book with Etuhad agaian becoz of the airmiles best price seen so far is £613 going to give it till end of july then going to book ...Paul

  4. have installed google chrome now and after initial reservations over bookmarks am well pleased with the results found it easy to download and install in a matter of minutes pretty quick response and no probs opening new tabs as experienced with internet explorer so far so good, might even download firefox and have a look at that cheers al
  5. thanks so far guys think i will go with google chrome for starters, the speed aspect appeals at this stage will let u know how i go on, if not satisfied will give firefox a run cheers al
  6. hi guys, have been havin a fair abit of trouble lately with windows internet explorer as my browser, such as stopping working especially when opening new tabs and am considering a change have looked up firefox, opera, google, safari and flashpeak, but i'm by no means a computer whizz and haven't a clue which may be the best am only looking for straightforward internet use nothing fancy and wondered if any of u guys might be able to recommend the best or most relaible browser cheers al
  7. alpeaco

    Oral sex

    couldn't agree more biggles, eating thai pussy is my favourite activity and i aint stopping, will be munching away in march again al
  8. oh shit the secrets out, cheers steve but it's not the size of the equipment but the quality and how u use it aint it? if all else fails i'll use my tongue never failed b4 yeah sounds like i'll give it a miss thanks for the help guys, always appreciated al
  9. have looked at the reviews and done a search but can't find any info on the lk mansion hotel just off soi buakhow near to central road, or perhaps it's me and i can't find them been on their website and the pics, facilities and room rates seem very good, maybe too good for the price of 800 baht with reductions for weekly/monthly stays? any info good or bad much appreciated cheers al
  10. staying at the billabong (1st time so hope it's ok ) for 21 nights so will be visiting champagne agogo as well as many other establishments and flb bar crawls so maybe bump into you, have a great time with the building work going on during my stay vic offered to move me to another room if noise was too much and kept me up to press with how things were going on a regular basis, seemed very obliging to me and bought me a few beers as recompense which wasn't needed yes the guard always checked all my girls id's keeping them to be reclaimed later from either him or the bar follow
  11. stayed there in march and had a good time , they were doing some building work taking over next door and adding more rooms but that should be all sorted by now still good value, good food and great location have a great time, i'm over again myself in november but staying on lk metro this time but not 'cos of any problems with the queen vic, vic himself is a top guy al
  12. was a blood donor for 30 years plus donating 66 pints but then i had heart surgery in late 2003 and what with the medication was forbidden from donating again, which was a kick in the bollocks at the time then in 2006 i finally found thailand and after having sex with many thai ladies and what with contacting gonnorhea and chlamydia during that time i definately know they'd never ever want my blood again, not that i'd fucking give them any al
  13. not a fan of mekhong whisky myself so no problem for me, will stick to the jack daniels when i aint drinking beer al
  14. have been to pattaya the past few novembers but always missed loy krathong but thankfully this year i'll be there for it at last and hopefully it meets up to expectations the only question is do i spend it with one of my regular girls or do i find a new one al
  15. Great news! Think I'll go down the same route, tend to use the ATM's in Big C anyway and have often used the Kasikorn bank on the 2nd floor. Will still take about £1000 in £20's and pay this into the bank if nothing has changed and it's easy to open an account . Have debit cards and credit cards as back up for extra cash withdrawals and other purchases (devils den ) Less than 7 weeks to take off now bring it on . Al
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