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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Hi There It's been 7 years since I last visited the LOS - last time I visited Pattaya I stayed the the Queen Vic on Soi 6 and thoughly enjoyed it - the service and food were good and ther served English beer which is a pluas as far as I am concerned, without wishing to get into an arguement only the English cab brew good beer closly followed by the Belgians. Think the manager when I last visited was a guy called Bert, very knowledgable and helpful. Looking at reurning later this year but heard that the Lord Nelson might be a better bet as far as accomadion is concerned, anyone like
  2. Hi There looking for a flight brom Manchester to Bangkok in either September or Octrober, ethiad seem the cheapest but nexver flown with them before, what are they like would prefer Emirates or Quatar but they are far more expensive, anyone on got any cheaper flight sources hidden away anywhere ? Would be grateful for any current information as the last time I ent to the LOS was 2004. Many thanks in anticipation of your help. Pat
  3. Hi Thinking of using U - Tapao airport rather than Bangkok on my forthcoming trip to get to Koh Samui. Wondered how far this is away from Pattaya and what the cost of a taxi should be to this airport. How long is it necessary to check in before an internal flight at U - Tapao. Many thanks Pat
  4. Hello Everybody Anyone know whick airlines will be using the new airport when it opens ? Heard a lot of speculation about when it will open what's teh latest. Many thanks Pat
  5. Hello Want to fly to Koh Samui from Pattaya on a Sunday in Novemer can I fly from U-Tapo or am I best going back to Bangkok. How much should I be paying for this flight ?
  6. Looking for a reasonable GF beach hotel on Koh Samui, does anyone have any recomendations, somewhere near all the nightnight. Thinking of using the Ever Green Resort, anyone any experience of this place ? Many thanks Pat
  7. Looking for flights in October from Manchester to Bkk returning on the 7th November, the cheapest I have been quoted so far is £570, for saying it's supposed to be the low season, I figure that a little high, where are all these £350-£399 deals. Done all the noraml searches, Ourtravel, EstaWest, Dialaflight, Exoedia and Opodo all cleap flight coming up as booked out or only business class available. Anyone any idea's or got a tap into seret deals. Many thanks Pat
  8. Any of the room have a bath tub instead of shower ?
  9. Hi All, Planning my next trip to Pattaya, thinking of staying at one of the Flipper Hotels, which is best the Lodge or the Hotel. Could like to hear recent reports about the quality of both and the facilities on offer. Many thanks Pat
  10. Was on the subject of trying to get British Tourist's abck to Thailand, He was saying what wonderful discounts were being offered. My experience is that everytime I asked for a quote this year the price is UP on the same time last year, it may be cheaper when we get there but experience tells me it is not cheaper to get there. Maybe if the Thai Goverment are serious about getting tourists back they need to get the airline to reduce their prices from Europe. Any comments or disagreements
  11. Hi Fellow Traveller, Just a thought occurred to me i was thinking of visiting the LOS at the end of March and staying through April - problem is that's Easter week here which makes any kind of travel very expensive. Wondered if anyone had done it the other way around i.e. booked a flight in Thailand to go and come back to the UK, saw some pretty good prices advertised when I was there in November. Heard Phuket Air has some cheap offers on but can not find an agent that deals with them in the UK. Cheapest quote gote for flying out on the 18th MArch and back on the 08th April is
  12. But how do you think the recent disatser will effect thing like air flight prices and hotel price over the next 6 months.
  13. Anyone know who the uk agents are
  14. Just done the Manchester Bkk round trip with the - put them on a par with Qantas or BA but not in the same class as Emirates or Qatar, Five hour wait at Istanbul frustrating even if spent in the VIP lounge.
  15. Hi Wondered how widely Visa Electron cards are accepted in Thailand both at ATM's and for making purchases at shops/travel agents ? Many thanks Pat
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