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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Just wondering if anyone has seen the new Stoke away tops in Patts?
  2. I never knew Om, but I'm sure she was a star! May she R.I.P and everyone at F.L.B you really did give her a good send off. :crying
  3. how much does it cost to fly with them?
  4. i stayed at the airport hotel when i missed a flight to udon thani, i payed 1500 baht for 4 hours the hotel is a 5 star and it was ok i think for the night it was around 7000 baht.
  5. hi i just wondering why i cannot access the members only page, i was accessing them fine until yesterday do i have to re register or something? thanks :crying
  6. i know my friend has told me avoid the 2 words 'bar' and 'pattaya' but i have a friend who know a friend whos wife has a number of beauty saloons in pattaya would it help if i got a letter from him saying she worked there and how much she got payed? or would the word pattaya do my harm than good! neway if she did a visa she would want to return 2 thailand in a week coz its too cold!!! and i would want her to return coz of her moaning!!but i would like 2 bring her over here just 4 a hol, thanks again for all your help!!
  7. hi, is it as hard has every1 has told me 2 obtain a visa 4 a thai g/f to the uk? or is there ways around it? im working but only just started a job, i have quite abit of savings but ive been told its still hard 2 get them a tourist visa.... ive known this girl 4 a year now n i spent 3 months with her in thailand and i wud like 2 take her 2 england 4 a hol and does age matter to the british embassy as iam 25 and shes 20, i just have no clue about visas.....thanks for ne help
  8. no portugal is for sure the same time as the uk each time zone runs down like a straight line check with any website
  9. its the time difference as the uk, portugal is in the same time zone as gmt, i dont know if british summer time will effect this but should be +gmt 7 hours ??? ???
  10. i was just wondering if any1 knows if it would be legal for me to setup a website selling products from thailand, i.e watches, teeshirts ect. but registering the website a .com or a co.uk in england, would i require any visas or anything, thanks if any1 can help :-/
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