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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I have just bought Apcalis 20mg pills (4 pills) for 600 bath. I hope this is a good price.
  2. therefore Apcalis is like Cialis. How much costs Apcalis les than Cialis in Pattaya?
  3. Hello, I'm sorry for the urgence but it is true. I now am in Pattaya and I'd like to do a try with Vitamin V. What is it precisely? Is it a real vitamin? Is it better than Kamagra? I have read about Kamagra gel too. Is it a good? Id like to know also their prices. Thanks
  4. I thank all you for your advices. But I need to ask a question: but when you tal about good humored girls, usually do you talk about pro or no pro girls? I'm asking this question because no pro girls on Tagged or Badoo are regular and serious girls and they don't like to know a stranger.
  5. I think it is not a problem with english language. I think it is a culture problem. I'm accustomed with south american girls and I think thai girls are more timid. I'm thinking it because if they are really happy to talk with me, they can reply "I'm sorry, I don't understand english" and instead yes or not they can add also another word.
  6. It is very impossible because I before will kill them more quickly. I'm a thug, don't worry for me.
  7. mmm but are you sure? Girls should write me they don't speak english but any of them wrote it. The net time I will serenade them.
  8. Hi, I'm not an espert guy about asian girls. I have bought a ticket to Pattaya and before my departing I liked to chat with some girls in Thailand. It was horrible. I very nearly burst into tears and I'm thinking totear up the ticket and to get south america again. I have written some messages to 10-15 thai girls on Badoo and Tagged and all they always answered with "yes" or "not". It was impossible to communicate with them. What a pity. But are there some likeable and good-humoured t hai girls or all they are the same?
  9. Thanks for the precious news. How much noise is there at night in those rooms?Out of curiosity: how much far is soi 6 from walking street (I mean by foot)? Thanks again.
  10. I never have been in Pattaya. Can you tell me if in these rooms in Soi 6 there is much noise at night?
  11. Thanks a lot for your info. But is Pook Bar a bar or a hotel? Is Soy Bukhaow the best street to meet ladyboys? Or are there other streets better? Thanks againg
  12. Hello, do you known a hotel with large rooms ladyboy friendly where there are many ladiboys in the bars and on the street? Thank
  13. I like to get an apartment with kitchen because I like to cook. I think it is funny to cook with a girl too.
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