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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Well Everyone knew the work on the drains was a waste of time.
  2. Bumping this thread so Ill find it next time. Recently used a "AIS Micro netsim" from "12Call" (the phone company), 350B for 60 hours Edge connection averaging 460k connection speeds in patts and on farm. Used my unlocked nokia 3120c 3G phone (£30 off ebay) attached to notebook via a usb cable, Nokia internet suite handled all the settings for LOS automatically, and having 2 phones meant I didnt have to keep swapping sim cards.
  3. Areca lodge is a great hotel if you want to spend that much. but you can get ok hotels for half the price. http://www.arecalodge.com/
  4. Its been 3 years since my last visit to Patts. Im planning on mid September but can anyone give some general advise on when to get the best price for flights from UK, i.e. come earlier/ later, book now or wait? Has anyone tried using Jet Airways with a stopover at Mumbai? tia Britmonkey
  5. HI All, Ill be in LOS for 3 weeks next month, mostly up north. Any idea how much a GPRS modem card, would cost in pattaya, and is there anyplace that would supply and get it working. Its for use in a very old win98 machine, which i want to leave for TGs daughter. TIA
  6. Apologies if someones already posted this, but its a special offer available from Travelocity.co.uk, Flying with China airways on airbus planes. season 1-sep to 14-December.
  7. HI All, Unexpectedly, It looks like ill be in Pattaya for the first two weeks of November. As Ive not been in November before, will I have any problems finding a room when I arrive, or should I start searching now and book in advance. TIA Brit
  8. Hawkster The Whitehousecondotel offers High speed unlimited ADSL in all rooms. Nice central position to. http://www.whitehousecondotel.com/
  9. Thanks All, I have made a reservation at the Areca. They asked me to send a photocopy of my Creditcard to them to reserve a room, which I was concerned about, so I booked through atsiam.com and their secure website. Also arranged an airport pickup for 2,150 Bht. Anybody have any advise for getting across 2nd Road? For those interested the whitehouse condotel is also all non-smoking. Eddie
  10. Hi Guys, Thankyou for all the advise. The Areca Lodge looks like the prime allroud contender at the moment. One further question if I may, I going for two weeks at the end of april, am i wise just booking the first week up front, and then extending/changing after the weeks up, or should I commit for the whole two weeks. SinbinJack: Asia Travel says the LEK has only smoking rooms. Do you know diferent? http://www.asiatravel.com/lek/index.html
  11. Hi All, Having just booked my first trip. Can anyone recommend a decent, mid-range, non-smoking hotel that has non-smoking rooms. Cheers Brit
  12. Many thanks for the advise guys, November sounds best but cant make it this year and cant wait until next, So I hope to buy some of you a beer you there in January.
  13. Im yet another total newbie whose learning a lot from watching these forums. May I ask if March is so hot when would be a recommended time to visit for a newbie, ie the cooler months but still a good scene?
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