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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I'm back in a couple of months too. Can I borrow some cash. 55555
  2. I leave for the airport tomorrow so I figured I'd give this a bump before I head out. See everybody there.
  3. This forum is for posting by other businesses apart from FLB (bars, gogos, restaurants, hotels etc) in Pattaya. Events, announcements etc.No nudity or inappropriate content allowed here. I don't think so as I am not the owner and have no affiliation with X-zone. If Nev wants to post it there thats great.
  4. You can pop in here for a good night of hands on fun. http://www.pattayatalk.com/forums/topic/59334-halloween-party-x-zone/
  5. I think Starbucks espresso beans are OK (but overpriced, especially in Pattaya) but I have a good Roastery close to my house and have gotten spoiled on fresh roasted beans. Not sure I would want to lug one of those over in my already over packed bag. I do have a Starbucks travel Press so I can fall out of bed and have something other than that instant crap they call coffee.
  6. Please name a few. I really don't care for Starbucks but I can't seem to find anything better. I also need some place that sells good ground coffee for a French Press.
  7. Looking forward to seeing you again Evil. Allright see you there. Bring a healthy appetite! LOL
  8. Judging from the replies it looks like we won't have to have drawings for the door prizes, we can just divy them up. lol
  9. Thanks. I'm not sure why but I kind of enjoyed that, except for the snake part.
  10. I'm re-posting this in the open forum. I didn't realize I'd put it in the Members Only section before Look forward to seeing every body there!! We have some great prizes to give away courtesy of Nev. :thumbup Probably have drawings every 30 minutes so show up early. The flyer says 8:00 but it should say 9:00 3 Shirts 5 Beer condoms Two night's at Nev's resort free. One persons drink bill paid on the house. 2 Bar fines after 1am free Nev would also like you all to know that if anyone is looking for good rooms, he has some rooms left for that period and wi
  11. Congrats on the first year! Wish I could be there. Oh well October is just around the corner, see you soon
  12. Thanks guys. No the camera isn't still under warranty. There is only one place where I live that does repairs but they are theives. I'd rather try my luck with the Thai guy.
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