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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Lots of aircon street hawkers food in the Malls of Pattaya at less than half the price! Plahgat
  2. Lots of slapping around here, the guy has just started his job and you blame him for what his predecessors have done or not done with this bar! Give him some slack and time and he will turn it around! Must say I'm very surprised though from monger to gogo bar manager, that is quite a big step! I wish you and the bar all the success, and I will see you next time I'm in town! Keep it up! Plahgat
  3. Premier Inn is on Soi 15 behind the Avenue Complex! Plahgat
  4. I used them too for many years for free, but know you have to pay to be allowed to link or use third party hosting, so I am looking for another free alternative! The photobucket webpage also is slow to use making my computer freeze and too much Ads popping up all the time! Plahgat
  5. Walked by yesterday and took this picture of the closed Boat Bakery. Plahgat
  6. That´s just some mold growing on top, after it's been lying in a corner for weeks waiting for a customer to order it! 555 Just joking mate, that's just burnmarks from frying the bun in the pan before assembling it! Plahgat
  7. A burger at Pattaya Beer Garden! My friends love it! Plahgat
  8. Lots of water down here in Singapore, although most of it coming from the sky! Plahgat
  9. Think my weight went up a couple of kilos, yes!? Plahgat
  10. Yes! I paid extra for that one, not sure how much maybe 20 baht? You can add whatever they have, extra if you want. My Big size "Twin Head Dragon" inkl sprite and the egg was something like 450 baht! So not cheap, but filled my gut! Plahgat
  11. Now open from 11:30 til midnite. https://www.facebook.com/jimsburgerpattaya/ I had the "Twin Head Dragon" burger at Jim's the other day. Double beef, cheese and bacon! Big Size with an extra fried egg on top! Plahgat
  12. It's been finished a long time already and is now called "Central Marina", lots of new restaurants, but no Mae Sri Reuan! Plahgat
  13. One of my favorite Thaifood places since many years! I especially like the PorkSatay with peanut sauce! Plahgat Here's one of my regular three meal courses, including drink it was 308 baht.
  14. If travelling with family I would have checked and booked a room well in advance, and not relied on a taxidriver to take me to some unknown guesthouse were he probably got some commission! Plahgat
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