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  1. If you are using an agent to avoid the 800K then that is illegal and therefore risky. If you are using an agent, as I do, to do all the leg work for you, but you still meet the legal financial requirements, then that is perfectly legal. Don't mix up the two would be my advice
  2. Love them , but never seen any working girls from either place outside of their own country and in the case of Japan, even inside the country they are hard to find for foreigners. But they are as sexy as hell.
  3. I never received the confirmation SMS, but rued up anyway and I was on the system. I was not alone, something like 25% of those attending appeared to have not received that second SMS. The 25% is a guess based on what people were saying round me.
  4. Oh I don't know, depends on what the rest of her is like
  5. Hi Forcebwithu, I was there the day before. All very well organised. I was super impressed. I was in and out in just over one hour. Next appointment is 2nd November. Side effects, a slight stiffness in that shoulder and a bit dizzy the day after, but nothing much different to normal for an old man. Oh, and I think the nurse that vaccinated me was cute, at least I think so, under all that garb she was slim and very nice eyes. We had a short but pleasant chat during the process. She said that the side effects from the second vaccination tend to be more prolonged, up to 3 or 4 days of flu like
  6. I understand that the result may be the Chinese crap and a mixture of that and AZ, so no thanks.
  7. The new one, announced to start today, 1st Aug, doesn't work either. I'm off to cuddle the g/f and have a beer, not necessarily in that order. .
  8. I registered on that site when it was first opened, what, some 3 months ago. No response, so it doesn't seem to work.
  9. You got a message on LINE and sent a payment? Bit risky dont you think? Not some thing that I would do.
  10. Why as an airline would you purchase a four engine aircraft , when you can provide the same or better service, more profitably, using aircraft with 2. It never made any real sense once the NEOs came onto the scene and ETOPS became a common reality. Of course hindsight is a wonderful thing, but that's why you pay the big bucks to the manufacturing executives. They got a bit carried away with their own propaganda, having done the same with the A340. The A350 redresses the failures by Airbus and should be ( is already?) a big success.
  11. I hesitated to post here, as its not really a matter for disclosure on a forum, but here goes. I have over 8,000 hours on the B777- 200 and 300 ER. Boeings are very nice aircraft to fly, understandable ( as opposed to Airbus) and relatively easy to fly. I used to say to my colleagues that I could teach my Grandmother to fly a B777 in no time at all. I am retired now of course, but it is apparent to me, and to the airline pilot community as a whole, that Boeing have lost the plot and lost their soul, aided in great part by the incompetence of the FAA, something that is not only saddening,
  12. I'm sorry, but I don't agree with that view. To me, the Jury is very much out on the Chinese and Russian vaccines. One cannot trust the statements of totalitarian regimes and their largely untested 'products'. I will wait until,a western vaccine is available to me in Thailand . I am far from stressed about waiting.
  13. quote: 'we have come aware that some have not been vaccinated yet' ; what planet do these people live on? Talk about stating the blindingly obvious. Most older expats have not been vaccinated yet, even I know that. In our group of over 40, only one has been vaccinated here and that was with the Chinese version ( good luck with that) . Two others have returned from the US having been vaccinated there, one is away in UK getting his. All are registered here, including me and all we get back is a deafening silence. I do not expect to get anywhere near a vaccine until Spring next year. In th
  14. I nearly added, 'and the ladies had shapely butts too', but I left it for you to get the laugh. ?
  15. I tired it once but I went to sleep and was thrown out of the class. I think it was more for admiring the nice shapely butts than the sleep, but it would have never have worked for me, you can't make the lotus position with an erection. ?
  16. They are absolutely hopeless. Until they have a total clear out and employ a management team with intentional aviation experience (I am available by the way ?) they are doomed to repeat their obvious mistakes. Thai is a basket case and always will be.
  17. I don't normally stand on such principles, but I will not fly with an airline owned by a terrorist supporting State. I will fly with the more liberal Middle Eastern airlines, but not Saudi or this one.
  18. I registered last week, I even got an appointment date, 1st January 1970. Just have to find where I parked that damn time machine and I will be fine. I know that that date is the default date stamp for all computer programmes, which I suppose means they didn't programme the thing correctly, what a surprise.
  19. Ah well, it was a nice idea while it lasted. I'm not expecting to get vaccinated anytime this year, maybe January 2022.
  20. Has anyone any information on this report, that the various western Ambassadors are seeking vaccines for their own citizens based in LOS. If true, its about time. better late than never I guess.
  21. Knew a man who was nicknamed 'Sirus' ( after the dog star) because he was white, small and dense
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