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  1. Perhaps the way American pilots fly them they are safe. The plane has had over 41,000 flights in the USA, no problems. Might be SE Asia or Africa has different pilot training, maintenance, whatever...
  2. I use the orange boxes outside the convenience store to add 'units' to my AIS sim. For as little as 20 baht top up, I get extended validity for 30 more days; it does cost two baht surcharge but still a deal.
  3. She for years was a bartenders waitress; no telling how many folks she indoctrinated while they were on the cusp of inebriation. Tricky girl there.
  4. Russians are not taught to appreciate Americans (westerners) when they are growing up. You are still the enemy to them. If one glad hands you he/she is wanting something.
  5. Sorry to read of your misadventure OP, those darn bastards. What is your preferred airline now?
  6. Thanks for the warning. I wonder why so hard a mattress is desired by management? Are the hard mattress cheaper, longer lasting, for Farang so not matter? Could be the mattress buyer grew up sleeping on hardwood floors so mattress is about same same or the 'kickback' is higher on the firmer mattress.
  7. NFL Monday night game is on TMN cable channel 505. I'm watching it at 845am.
  8. The staff will almost always rat you out. If they are friends with you girl they'll rat you out for sure. If they are not friends with your girl they'll rat you out so as to cause her loss of face.
  9. Code words for 'bribes' must be paid to get your money in any Thai bank released after you die.
  10. It was American money and American TV that popularized Golf to the world wide competition it is today. Without the Americans it would still be a stuffy game, solely for the upper class elite. This isn't soccer so the thuggish attitude of the Europeans isn't needed or appreciated. The EU is just a step away from Uber Alles mentality, it would seem. EU nbr 1 EU nbr 1, yada yada yada
  11. Population of Europe is over 700 million, a bit over 300 million for USA. Does not surprise me that Europe would have a better team. After Brexit will the UK get to crow about European victories ?
  12. Roseanna claims this is racist. Monkey/Apes/etc... are 'OFF LIMITS' dontcha know?
  13. Swiss Air out of Chicago to Zurich. Decided to fly a one-way ticket to Bangkok this time over the Atlantic instead of Pacific. Great price on short notice so booked it about two weeks before flight time seat to be assigned upon check-in. Got to O'Hare airport Swiss Air check-in counter and was shuttled off to the far right counter where I was I asked why I was moved from the counter line I had waited in; ' Oh, it is because of your ticket'. "Do you have a visa for the one way flight?' Yes, showed passport. Got assigned 27K; a window seat. Thought I was lucky again after such a good price. When I boarded found out my seat did not stay upright, always fell backwards, upright locking mechanism was broken. I am convinced the clerk at check-in knew it was a defective seat. Desk clerk was upset with me going to Bangkok or didn't like my jib; who knows but I'm positive she knew it was a broken seat. That plane had flown in from somewhere, sat on the tarmac for at least two hours, nobody had flown in that seat, it was broken and she knew it. A broken seat has to be reported by flight attendants so to get it fixed. Never Swiss Air again.
  14. Might be good for them to have their own lines if it'll keep them out of other lines. Block only Chinese and not the others that have got their papers in order.
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