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  1. So, that's the price for a temporary filling; you could say? JOKE 2 Yes, I've been satisfied with that dental shop also.
  2. Lots of used ones around, would count as an adventure. You could rent 2 or 3 for a week each and decide which type you're most comfortable with before you purchase. For sure an automatic in Pattaya area.
  3. It happened to me. I must of been trespassing and didn't realize they weren't open. I'm gonna say it was in 2009 but could have been a couple years later. It is good to know it won't be happening to anyone else now days.
  4. If you are there near 8AM please observe the playing of the Thai Anthem. Don't be an oblivious dick.
  5. I just now saw this post. I get the same numbers as you do, I figure 30.93 to the dollar. I'd expected near 33 or a tad more the first few days of January. Did the Bank have an accounting you could accept ? FWIW rate of 33.40 March 27 at Krungsri ATM from Schwab.
  6. I actually watched a half hour or so of planes landing at Heathrow during high winds of 18th February 2022. I will not watch that stuff the month before I have a flight though.
  7. Yep, always have found Nam's Taxi service fits the bill.
  8. Big difference from the airport on 24th Jan 2022 ; They rape you .
  9. would take some math skills to figure correctly. BB takes $5 bucks when it hits New York, then exchanges dollars to baht, then takes out 200 baht. So to calculate baht to the dollar using the baht in your Pattaya BB account and what SSA says they gave you is complicated. I figure 350 baht or more you never see because of the 'cost' involved. But I agree, not a good exchange rate. We could do better more accurate maths if we knew the original amount SSA sent to BB in New York.
  10. Wonder why I'd have to Register and Sign-On to check their rates ?
  11. Got to imagine a good potential spot for future undeground bathrooms. ?
  12. BTW, in the comparison chart post #3; what is a 'Netflix Library' ?
  13. Fabulous price for all the work. Good luck. I'll use that dentist next I'm in Pattaya. Sounds like chicken didn't do it, just the straw that broke the camels back sort of thing.
  14. Sorry to hear of your difficulty. Where you eating something hard at the time? he cracked part? Is it top/bottom, front/back, or side to side crack? Pictures ?
  15. Sitting in Jomtien condo wondering what the heck is that new Flu in Wuhan. Should I get a flu shot or not.
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