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  1. Bullfrog, are you writing about 'Dental Smile Pattaya on 3rd Road'? Several places have been mentioned aong with pronouns. Just want to be sure.😁
  2. Why would a less than democratic nation want expats from a western country? Get out of town, you and your background are not wanted in any dictatorial country.
  3. Watch the Trailers, an episode or two in the seasons. It is a bit to follow without a scorecard. I like it lots, but have to watch once when I'm alert, again when I'm real alert.
  4. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. Those states with the most cases get the most 'assistance' from DC. It's all about the dollar.
  5. The water probably will last longer if the tourist stay away from using so much. Coronavirus may have a silver lining.
  6. Sounds like a good thing, wonder if it'd jinx his good karma for doing a good deed?
  7. Wowee, I'd save my ticket stubb if I was on that plane. Never thought it'd go that fast.
  8. If I had an hour and twenty connection time, Zurich would be the place I'd want it at. No going thru security between arrival and departure. Well, not from the Chicago to Zurich to Bangkok itinerary.
  9. Baht bus does load up at junction near Thappraya. Have no idea if or where they load up at the Sukhumvit end. Don't see many baht bus heading towards Thappraya at all.
  10. Those planes will fly again. Just make it easier to turn off the MCAS, add a backup to what turns on the MCAS , train the pilots , should be good to go.
  11. Yes, if I ever have another lens replacement I'll do that way.
  12. I recently had the cataract surgery in USA paid for by Medicare & Blue Cross Blue Shield. I paid nothing, they combined paid a little over $8000. The lens were monofocal; nothing about dominant eye using a different focus. I still have to use cheaters for reading small print and upclose purposes. The lens replacement procedure is also done by some doctors for those who are not candidates for Lasik correction. I wouldn't want to be on the hook for the cost from my pocket alone.
  13. I used Nam's last Sunday morning near 6AM. Nice clean car, safe driver, didn't play with phone just kept her eye on the road. 1200 hundred from Suvarnabhumi to Whisper Hotel. gave her a generous tip because it was the right thing to do for me.
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