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  1. Got to imagine a good potential spot for future undeground bathrooms. 😵
  2. BTW, in the comparison chart post #3; what is a 'Netflix Library' ?
  3. Fabulous price for all the work. Good luck. I'll use that dentist next I'm in Pattaya. Sounds like chicken didn't do it, just the straw that broke the camels back sort of thing.
  4. Sorry to hear of your difficulty. Where you eating something hard at the time? he cracked part? Is it top/bottom, front/back, or side to side crack? Pictures ?
  5. Sitting in Jomtien condo wondering what the heck is that new Flu in Wuhan. Should I get a flu shot or not.
  6. My guess is that there is less water use due to so few tourist.
  7. Interesting; Shark-whatever wants to educate me as to how I should shop. Somehow I find that insulting.
  8. When in Thailand I see often Thai's with the sniffer up their nose. Do they do that as much during the Chicom-19 pandemic? If you steam iron a regular mask will the heat/vapor kill any germs that are on it ?
  9. I didn't care for Santa Clarita at first. Came back to it after a couple months and found it hilarious. I hate the wife but the rest of the cast is ok. The dialogue is dry, sardonic and very clever. Try watching a few episodes again and just listen to the words. A bit high also helps. Legal where I live.
  10. All those Thai Air losses, how many submarines could be bought for that ? How many subs not bought would balance the books for Thai Air ?
  11. Bullfrog, are you writing about 'Dental Smile Pattaya on 3rd Road'? Several places have been mentioned aong with pronouns. Just want to be sure.😁
  12. Why would a less than democratic nation want expats from a western country? Get out of town, you and your background are not wanted in any dictatorial country.
  13. Watch the Trailers, an episode or two in the seasons. It is a bit to follow without a scorecard. I like it lots, but have to watch once when I'm alert, again when I'm real alert.
  14. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. Those states with the most cases get the most 'assistance' from DC. It's all about the dollar.
  15. The water probably will last longer if the tourist stay away from using so much. Coronavirus may have a silver lining.
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