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  1. Seems the producers, writers, actors, etc... are not sure or can not make up their minds.
  2. Thinking the box was designed in centimeters and built in inches. No problem though, just redo.
  3. Women's soccer takes a backseat to basketball and hockey this week. Anyway a 13-0 shellacking just says the game was unnecessary in the first place.
  4. It isn't the rain so much as the smog that shortens my stays in Pattaya.
  5. "Why can't you ´╗┐just admit that Boeing screwed up badly with the MCAS implementation on the MAX?" OK, I now concur. The MCAS caused those planes to crash.
  6. I believe there is a driving school across from Foodland market on Central. If in the area you may try it, that suggestion was given me by Tik Tok Services in Jomtien.
  7. Boeing says "Flight crews will always have the ability to override MCAS and manually control the airplane." The pilots had it turned off, they could have flown it to a higher altitude before reengaging the MCAS.
  8. If only they had not turned the MCAS back on after they had it turned off.
  9. "True Grit" (1969) Edited 8 minutes ago by Samsonite If you think Rooster Gogburn had 'True Grit' , you maybe saw the action and not the story. Matty Ross had the grit, Cogburn was just a cantankerous old drunk.
  10. Tenuous ... at best; Hundreds of thousands of flights didn't crash. Bad design OK, worse pilots for sure. Glorified bus drivers in the sky, clueless when a situation occurred, everyone dies. If every MAX-8 that had this scenario happen then I'd agree except all the other time's the plane (pilots) didn't crash. You got a problematic plane, pay attention. These pilots didn't do their homework and drove their plane into the surface.
  11. The flight before Lion Air crashed the jump seat pilot (hitching a free ride) told those two pilots how to get around the same problem as crashed the plane the next day. The pilots that did take the plane down didn't bother to read about what happened on that plane the flight before theirs. I would say the jump seat pilot had the knowledge from somewhere and that the two that crashed the plane didn't. The MCAS didn't bring down other MAX 8 planes, the pilots have to have some of the blame.
  12. Perhaps the way American pilots fly them they are safe. The plane has had over 41,000 flights in the USA, no problems. Might be SE Asia or Africa has different pilot training, maintenance, whatever...
  13. I use the orange boxes outside the convenience store to add 'units' to my AIS sim. For as little as 20 baht top up, I get extended validity for 30 more days; it does cost two baht surcharge but still a deal.
  14. She for years was a bartenders waitress; no telling how many folks she indoctrinated while they were on the cusp of inebriation. Tricky girl there.
  15. Russians are not taught to appreciate Americans (westerners) when they are growing up. You are still the enemy to them. If one glad hands you he/she is wanting something.
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