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  1. Most of the people who take part in Iaido tend to be around 45 and upwards as it is mainly postural and requires little fitness rather a concentrated mind On my side it’s was a general inquiry ,I am not looking for a lot of people to train ,rather a few committed people who maybe have some previous Japanese martial arts experience who now find themselves without anywhere to train It was not meant to bother those who are happy with the way their current lives are set up or those for whom grammar correction has become their main source of activity
  2. The idea of any martial art is to develop the self and iaido is no different in that regard it is a way of development and perfection through years of training,one doesn’t need to go through years training and discipline in order to use a sword to kill any random person the whole point of the art is to work on the self through the sword anybody who thinks otherwise is mistaken,the British kendo association has never trained anybody who has killed any person like wise in thirty years of training neither have I and would not train any person whom I thought would do so Iaido is
  3. Hi there not sure if anybody would Be interested in having any Iaido training,but if anybody is feel free to check out my new website which I have just set up on Facebook ,see image below I teach beginners or intermediate levels and have beginners equipment for training visits i realize this is not something for everybody but physical fitness is not required for this art as it is suitable for most ages no previous experience is required thank you my regards
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