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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Please share problems with pattaya property developers and how to avoid them. thanks.
  2. Options are still aplenty but time is needed. Could be better off sticking with consumer groups,etc. Many developers service has worsened recently due to the many recent complaints abt project delays. They are just dodging bullets now. Matrix is numb to letters of demand and lawsuits.they might only entertain bigger customers and investors.
  3. Headache. I heard many have brought lawsuits against matrix some settled. Planning to join and share costs. In the meantime just finding more avenues to make complaints. Do recommend.
  4. In my experience condo nice on pictures, not in real life. The defects are huge and many and they always blame it on manpower shortage. It's always the contractor. And the contractor will blame matrix. In the end nothing fixed.
  5. The condo is in a mess. Many facilities promised not done. Condition is a mess and no one fixed it up despite feedback. Promised photos but once I went back to my country, they disappeared.
  6. I suspect matrix has finished foreign quota and thus just refuse to respond. these Israeli dickheads are quite lawless.
  7. We actually reported them. Then this company threatened to sue for reporting them saying it was defamation to criticise their company and make a police report against them. Then continued to not respond. Is there anywhere we can complain to resolve this issue?
  8. Paid in full 100%. They responded initially. But totally stopped after criticise them for their customer service. Art on hill which did not update during the entire delay until we called them up. They insist they were the best and most reliable property developer but refused too respond. Geez... http://www.pattaya-addicts.com/forum/topic/232171-art-on-the-hill-condo-debacle-in-pattaya/
  9. Problem is we totally couldn't reach them by email or calling. Just no response after we asked them for compensation for a 2 year delay. They just refused to respond completely via email. No one got back to us. We got so fed up we just asked for the title deed but still no response.
  10. Bought a property from a property developer in pattaya name matrix. No title deed and unable to reach at all from overseas.
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