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  1. Japanese Midway Revenge
  2. Interesting You Tube Video The Battle Of Midway the Japanese Perspective:
  3. Thanks! It must have been do by someone else, I have no idea.
  4. Never seen this video. Bought this album when it first came out (still have it). This was an amazing time in music this was the Stones response to The Beatles Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band (all becuase the Beatles did not want to tour). Then Brian Wilson and the Beachboys released Pet Sounds. Around 1973 or 1974 there was a song I think called Esmeralda, I think by Genesis. I cannot find it on iTunes. Anybody have a clue?
  5. Funny, was on google several times this morning and didn't notice.
  6. An amazing dead tenor! With his weight he didn't last long.
  7. In the past my refunds by EVA have been reliably credited within stated period.
  8. Hummm, sounds like what Boeing tried to do with 737 Max.
  9. EVA has offered all FA's that work through strike double pay.
  10. CalEden

    EVA Wifi

    I've heard several reports the internet on EVA is pretty crappy, slow and expanses of no internet. Just flew EVA out of Seattle Thursday morning in PE. There was two flights both to Taipei leaving within half hour of each. Our plane the later had very few passengers. In PE only 16 passengers with a capacity of 32 and Business appeared to have only a dozen passengers. Having flown EVA out of San Francisco for last 15 years, every flight was always at or near capacity. Three trips out of Seattle none anyway near capacity. I found the current movie selection on EVA pretty good, a lot of movies haven't seen.
  11. I first switched to EVA about 2004 because of EVA's Elite Class (now PE), because I got tired of flying Cathay's slave ship class long haul. Few airlines offered a PE product at that time. EVA's Elite (was called something else then) product was great. EVA flew the 747 Combi and elite was in the lower deck front nose area. Which was great plenty of room and quite. Then Elite went for about $200 to $300 over economy class. Over the years depending on travel volume and oil prices I've paid from $700 to $2,100 for the most discounted PE fare. Always had free seat selection, limited selection offerings, but always was able to get seats by the window. The EVA's service/product was always outstanding considering the cost. That's when EVA was an obscure airline, now 3 decades later EVA is being recognized by the masses. Given the recent recognition/awards and now significant demand for EVA's product EVA's new Family Fare Class is aligned to match up with it's competitor fares and price structure. This is a product of EVA's success.
  12. I posted this in the other EVA thread, this is my experience with the EVA new fare family: EVA's new fair structure, if you purchase discounted airfare you have to pay for seat selection. $40US Long-haul & $15 regional. The good all seats were open for selection in PE except the two window basinet sides, for a June trip. EVA's price structure appears to me to be more expensive now, even shopping the sales. Paid last 2 years for PE $1,100/$1,000US for PE, which included free seat selection though limited availability. This year for PE $1,600 plus $110 for seat selection. And oil prices are still down. Effective from 05 March 2019, if the Fare Family you have purchased does not include free seat selection, or if you can't select a seat of your preference for free, you can choose to pay the following fee, depending on the Fare Family purchased, to select a seat of your choice in advance. Effective from 05 March 2019, the fee for Extra Legroom Seats (formerly Exit Seats) on the long-haul flights will be adjusted to USD150. The new seat zones will open for sales on all flights departing from 11 March 2019. Premium Economy Class Short-haul routes: $15 USD Long-haul routes: $40 USD Economy Class Standard Seats Short-haul routes: $10 USD Long-haul routes: $30 USD Preferred Seats Short-haul routes: $20 USD Long-haul routes: $50 USD Extra Legroom Seats Short-haul routes: $45 USD Long-haul routes: $150 USD Description: Seat Selection Fees are charged per passenger, per segment. Short-haul routes: Between Taiwan and Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China. Long-haul routes: Between Taiwan and the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and between Thailand and Europe. The amount payable may be different due to local currency fluctuations. This off the EVA website. My understanding is if you purchase a discounted fare you do get free seat selection at 48 hours prior to departure. If you want to select your seats at the purchase point of a discounted fare then the above seat selection fees apply. Below I have pasted the fare classes for PE off the EVA web page. Premium Economy Class Fare Family Fare Family Types Basic Standard Plus Features The fare is just right for you EVA Classic Value combos Great flexibility Maximizing miles Earn Infinity MileageLands Miles 100% 115% 125% Free-Checked Baggage Allowance (Note 1) By piece 2pcs/28kg each By weight 35kg By piece 2pcs/28kg each By weight 35kg By piece 2pcs/28kg each By weight 35kg Seat Selection (Note 2) Chargeable Complimentary Complimentary Upgrade with Miles Not allowed Allowed Allowed Change fee (Note 3) Chargeable Chargeable Complimentary Refund fee (Note 3) Chargeable Chargeable Chargeable No-Show fee (Notes 3 & 4) Chargeable Chargeable Chargeable Note 1: For more information on baggage, please refer to Baggage Information. Note 2: Premium Economy Seats can be selected for free via online/mobile check-in within 48 hours prior to flight departure. For more information, please refer to Seat Selection. Note 3: Actual refund, change, and no-show fees may change without notice. Note 4: Passengers who not cancelling their reservations nor showing up for their flights will be charged for a no-show fee upon ticket reissue or refund. If I had purchased a standard fare which includes complimentary seat selection it would have cost me $2,404 US RT ($700 more). I'll pay the fee. All this adds up when your paying for 3 seats.
  13. EVA's price gouging is starting to make me look at other airlines. Singapore, Cathay and Jal are entering my region. I already scored a Biz fare at a great rate on Singapore for my October trip.
  14. If I had purchased a standard fare which includes complimentary seat selection it would have cost me $2,404 US RT ($700 more). I'll pay the fee. All this adds up when your paying for 3 seats.
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