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  1. If anything could bring Big DUSA back from the dead, it would be this subject.
  2. There was an ongoing thread in the old Secrets Forum about a member that purchased an unbuilt condominium in Pattaya that went under. It could have been during the 2008 collapse. Check out old threads, it may be still here.
  3. And many countries are now implementing Covid Testing requirements from flights originating out of China. I would certainly question the validity of any Covid Testing originating out of China.
  4. I had a Bolt driver take me down this road as I adamantly declared and repeatedly insisted my condominium isn't on this road. As if the Bolt driver's stubbornness wasn't frustrating enough, this road and its bumps in a Yaro is bone jarring. A true Moto Cross experience.
  5. Great Super Spreaders spewing droplets all over the buffet as they fight over buns and frantically scoop up all the seafood in sight. The Italians have been Covid testing volunteers on flights from Mainland China and have found that one in two passengers are Covid infected.
  6. I can also confirm it is boarded up and in a sad state. Went by about a week ago.
  7. Booze is pretty expensive in Canada. At the Empress Hotel in BC, I paid for a gold room to get access to the Executive Club, thinking free booze. There was alcohol available for purchase only and at hotel prices.
  8. Then you have almost a 7-hour layover in Vancouver, BC. Quite a few complaints on Flyertalk about Air Canada.
  9. CalEden


    Evergreen flew 747's then and Elite class was in the nose of the 747 under the cockpit. Incredibly quiet, expansive area wise, full Closet in front and two seat configuration with entry/exit from both sides due to curvature of the hull. What a deal then and a pleasure to fly EVA then. My next trip flying JAL Biz. Gus, Petro is not getting any cheaper. I bought my airfare last month and the cost has increased $600 USD.
  10. Thanks! Especially on a pussy/prostitution forum. Amazing hypocrisy.
  11. Many of those screamers went home with moist panties.
  12. You mentioned the Soi and apparently didn't visit. Starting late afternoon beer sales/consumption wide open on mentioned Soi and a nearby sub Soi with same number plus also serving. A FL venue on mentioned Soi discretly open beginning late afternoons. Noticed people entering whilst having a street beer and asked if open and confirmed by beer vendor. But right now Bangkok is a semi ghost town and quite boring. Up until last week was going to Ban Chang/Rayong with friends for long weekends. Oceanside Hotel with ocean view rooms/pool serving and cheap rates. Spending the days at the beach
  13. Took a walk up Soi 4 last night. Very little open all dark except Nana Hotel. The thirst for a good ole cold one drove me to Soi 8. The volume indicates the best places for refreshing coffee. Deeper in the Soi is a very nice garden oasis on the left.
  14. Did notice a few back alley massage places open and the ladies sitting outside bekoning to male passers.
  15. Not too hard to find places serving in BKK.
  16. Left the 7th, On My Way. Release from ASQ Sunday morning. Stay shuttered at home fear the Boogeyman!
  17. Interesting You Tube Video The Battle Of Midway the Japanese Perspective:
  18. Thanks! It must have been do by someone else, I have no idea.
  19. Never seen this video. Bought this album when it first came out (still have it). This was an amazing time in music this was the Stones response to The Beatles Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart Club Band (all becuase the Beatles did not want to tour). Then Brian Wilson and the Beachboys released Pet Sounds. Around 1973 or 1974 there was a song I think called Esmeralda, I think by Genesis. I cannot find it on iTunes. Anybody have a clue?
  20. Funny, was on google several times this morning and didn't notice.
  21. An amazing dead tenor! With his weight he didn't last long.
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