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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. BW, I wouldn't even bother to reply to Papillon (he makes 3 posts per day and I have yet to see one that was useful to anyone). The condo is a nice unit at a fair price, hope you sell it soon. As for the tile some will like it diagonal, some would prefer it square (it's your condo so you did it how you liked it). I prefer it diagonally, but would have used a different color (if we all liked exactly the same thing life would be awful boring). I am sure the new owner will make a few changes to give the place the look he/she wants. Gammon
  2. Hi Pete, It's great to hear the bar is getting off the ground so well, I can't wait to see it. My handle will give it away but I think some backgammon sets would be a great way to enjoy a few beers and the beach atmosphere while also staying long enough to see if any talent sparks the interest. Good luck!!! Randy
  3. Mark, First off thank you for taking the time to post a review. As I have not personally been to the establishment you reviewed, I cannot comment on the place itself, but as for your review it was concise and informative, please keep up the good work!!! Gammon
  4. I think the best 2 places for this are the rest. on the top of the Markland Hotel (Beach Rd. near Soi 3) also has a glass elevator up to the top and good view of Pattaya Bay. Also the place on the top of Pattaya Hill Resort ( on the other end of the bay past the Big Buddah, again great view, slightly pricey but you pay for the view. Gammon
  5. Irishman, There is a Tony Romas in BKK (atleast a few years back there was) on SUK. I was with a TG who wanted to try it so we went, not exactly the same as the states but pretty good. Funny thing was a Heiniken was 80B, but a Miller was 200B. Gammon
  6. BC, Yes that is the place, they chefs we have had are pretty good (a couple were really good). It is on the second floor of RG near the back (2nd Rd). As I said the place is not cheap for Pattaya standards, but much cheaper than here in the states and good food too. Definitely a nice change in Pattaya. Gammon
  7. 1 - Nong Nual - Seafood (Walking St., also sister Loc in Jomtien) 2 - Pig & Whistle - English (Soi 7) 3 - Hopf - Mixed (Beach Rd.) 4 - Sportsman - English (Soi 6 & 13) 5- Benihana - japanese grill (Royal Garden) The look on your TG's face is priceless if they have never been to benihana (most haven't) and much cheaper than in the states (read pricey for Pattaya standards)
  8. Robin, I have stayed at manty places in Jomtien, there are 2 I would reccommened to you. Jomtien Thani - A short ways up Soi 4 ( I think or 5) newer hotel with fairly nice rooms if you get upgraded to the suite. Not the best but better than most also very close to the corner where you turm onto Jomtien Beach Road coming from Pattaya. Welcome Jomtein - Older hotel but still very nice fairly far up the Soi from the Beach But still a nice view if you get a suite in the front. This is quite a ways down Jomtien Beach Road. I would rather stay here as opposed to Jomtien Thani, but the lo
  9. Duece, I was not going to respond to this thread as I figured it would be my little secret that I could let my teamates in on, but seen as Grendel already let the cat out of the bag, I will say that I think you made a tactical error in this post as only americans are looking at this. Your Euro teamates must think this is some kind of American trick as was stealing the cup. So if you really want to get some Top Secret advice out, I suggest you start a thread that says USA RideHer Team Only, none of us will really care or even look, but all the Euros will check it out to see what were
  10. Sunny, I have stayed at the Welcome Jomtien (nice hotel but quite as ways down Jomtien Beach Road) 1000B from faxing the hotel direct (I have found that this brings the best price & response), Jomtien Grand Palace (1200B) did not have the room I requested (in the front facing the beach) gave me the room, but had to push 2 single beds together to make 1 double bed (not reccommended) and Jomtien Thani (1100B) again a fairly nice hotel and much closer to the turn to go back to Pattaya. When I stay next time in Jomtien I will stay at the Jomtien Boathouse as it has a great location and is
  11. I must say that I am really looking forward to playing in the RideHer Cup, and meeting all you guys. Also a big thanks to Doggie who seems to be putting forth alot of effort to make this a great event. I am really disappionted that we have not gotten a response to this thread by Carlsberg, as I think Grendel had some very good ideas and points as well as others. Gren as US Captian, I hope you have a plan to Safegaurd the cup after we win it back from the Euro's as I am sure after last year they will be looking to swipe it after we win, lol!!! Gammon
  12. I got exactly the same response as Cumcannon, not very clear on the trans, but it is 990B per night inclusive, but no breakfast. Atleast they did respond right away, 2 weeks and no reply from the Sandy Spring. Gammon
  13. I have stayed at both the Dynasty Inn Bkk and the Dynasty Resort Ptty and they have always given me the rate of 990B for Double Occ. and never a guest or joiner charge. I have also met the owner and he seems to be a very nice person and treats his staff well, which shows in the level of service. First time I stayed there They called my room after I arrived to let me know the suttle to town was leaving in 10 minutes if I wanted to go, also brought me a phone call while I was eating breakfast one morning. I have stayed in several 5 star hotels for business and hard to find service like that in s
  14. Doggie, I will give you Grendels HDCP, from what I hear its........ [glow=red,2,300][/glow]GOLF but as I see hes the USA captian hopefully he won't go down with the ship again. Gammon
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