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  1. Ok boyz , im in for a bet . Looks like fun .
  2. Or get a DVD player that plays DivX (about3,500tb at Lotus). It will play nearly all stuff you download without the need to convert them .
  3. Got a soft spot for West Ham , maybe its the 6 points we normally get from them :) I still think Charlton has alot to be proud of and I hope we dont sell the bloody lot . No one did care about Chelsea as Bates was the anti christ . Liverpool held strong and good luck to em in the Champs Final , And Fulham had the choice between a bloke who couldnt get a UK Passport and Jimmy Hill ! Funny Old Game
  4. Hi Scott and everyone , Feel free to copy any of Om's pics , Im sure she would have liked that .
  5. So after the funeral we all went back to Om's house for some Som Tam and a drink . Nee tries to smile a little Om's house which she bought herself Anyone know this guy ? Inside the house Smiles through tears Om's favorite pet dog Then on the Wednesday night was the wake , it was a really mixed up night as im sure you can guess . All the girls planned it and wore pink as it was Om's Favorite colour . Staff even made the food themselves Nok tries to raise a smile Sorry i didnt take
  6. Just to inform everyone that the bar will close most prob Monday , so everyone can attend her funeral . There is a collection box in FLB last night and tomorrow for Om's family All staff want to attend and are totally devastated.
  7. At around 8am this morning our long serving and much loved staff member Om was tragically killed in a motor bike accident in South Pattaya Road . Om was loved by everyone here at FLB and her passing has taken us all by shock . She was 24 years old . I know many of you will miss her too and we hope she will rest in peace forever. Om - a truly sweet and lovely girl and member of the family will never be forgotten Please feel free to post your fond memories of Om
  8. The Ride Her Cup 2004 dates have now been finalised . As of the last Two years it will be held on the first Sun/Mon November which will be the 7th/8th . Last years event was won by the USA , and the capt assures the safe return of the trophy for this years event With the current score standing at USA 1 Europe 1 .There is everything to play for this year in Pattaya number 1 non serious golf event . Here are the the two teams , hung over after the European teams serious team talk the night before :) it included many drinks and the girls input was very welcomed A
  9. The MOS in Bkk is now double O (so i have been told) There really isnt a market for the club stuff in Pattaya ,but Singapore ,Japan and Malaysia are said to be kicking. There is a guy in Pattaya ,who put the DJ Cafe back together (Formally Angels a gogo) but it is not busy during normal opening hours.This would be the guy to talk to .But I can tell ya that BKK is the only place in Thailand doing the club scene ,and to be honest the entertainment is so good here .And the drugs laws so strict.I think Thailand can do without it.
  10. Sorry Moby, Each player recieved 1 day and 1 night shirt ,and then we gave away all the others to the players on party night.
  11. This years RideHer Cup balance sheet is as follows : IN: 20 players @ 4000tb = 80,000tb Out: Coach 6,000 T Shirts 14,000 65 Purchased Party Cost 12,000 Green Fee 11,000 550 x 20 Caddy 4,000 200 x 20 Caddy Tip 6,000 300 x 20 Buggys 5,000 500 x 10 Food 1,800 Photo's 10,000 Howard's fee inc Printing ,Frames ,Cds Prizes 6,000 10 Hats @ 250tb ,5 Pewter Tankards @ 500tb ,10
  12. The time has come for me to order the shirts for this years event.Could ALL players please post below Stating your Country and shirt size. Please only post if your 100% sure you can play.I will order a few spares but I want everyone to have the correct size. The sizes are Small,Med ,Large,XL,XXL,XXXL and Jumbo.If your not sure go a size bigger as a US XL would be a XXXL in Thailand. Save the discussion for the other threads please. Not Long Now :) :) :) :)
  13. Ok ,thanks for your opinions.I will improve the shirts this year,as requested. They will be good. :)
  14. Stayed there a few times.The location is good for DVD's and PC stuff in the mall.And great for the big massage places on Rachada.The rooms are nice and clean ,but the suites are a dissapointment.Last time I was there they got me for a joiner fee!! so I havnt been back since.
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