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  1. I'm not interested in earning money. I'm just interested in performing for a crowd who likes similar music. What I wanted to know is how often out of towners do perform, if at all as it sounds. My position would be asking whoever manages the bar for the chance to perform on a given night at no charge, Maybe some free drinks or something. It would be a club (dance) that I would be interested in, not supplying bar background music or go go music. My only other question was if most clubs have turntables or not, but from what I've heard in the last few days most don't. But thats fine,
  2. I've already read and heard from people in the region that being a DJ/performer doesn't pay well at all. However, I'm already planning on coming over to the area for a nice vacation and wouldn't mind putting on a show anyways. I love performing ( do live music production via a laptop and custom MIDI controller) and also spinning records. Style of music would be techno mostly Deep/Tech house or drum and bass/jazzy jungle. While I'd be interested in performing at no charge and would probably opt to just ask a club owner while there I was curious how often out of town or farang DJs/Perform
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