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    I have a small, clean and friendly guesthouse by the beach in Sihanoukville Cambodia. Check it out, and come down to say hello!<br>http://ochheutealguesthouse.com/
  1. stevo, are you able to paste it on here?
  2. Yeah, all the Air Asia flights I've had have been on time.
  3. Thats a great deal. They must milk petrol from parked jets or something!
  4. I picked up on your mention of Trat. This is a town I like for an expat. 1) Close to Koh Chang, IMHO the best island left in the gulf. 2) 45mins to the Cambo border for visa runs 3) Local airport with 2x daily flights to/from Bkk 4) 2 1/2 hrs from Pattaya in a car 5) Has all the services etc of a large provincal town Also from looking around, the prices are much cheaper than in the tourist areas. I'd imagine the property rental and sale market would be the same.
  5. You should know Martin, you put a nifty paper towel dispenser in there.
  6. Well MM I would have preferred some notice before you moved my thread. After all, the technical section denotes button down shirts, a slide rule in your top pocket, and a genetic link to the Gates lineage. I feel sadly underdressed!
  7. I cant seem to use the 'View New Posts' option to see posts since my last log on. Is it just me, or are others having the same problem? Lemons
  8. I was lucky in March to sight the ilusive Ghost of Soi 8 - - Gary in the Alamo Bar just once! He looked pretty thin and pale, but insisted he was fine. he reckoned he spent his time mainly in his condo. perhaps others have more recent info?
  9. Mate, I think Shilo factored the rental in: "So we start with $90,000 (3.6 mill baht), invested it with a 7% return , pay the 15% tax, and start taking out $500 (20K baht) per month." Shilo, I'd agree with your assumptions. The only other factor that'd influence me is that on death, the owning option gives your estate a property asset in a popular part of Thailand - to be either sold, long term or holiday let, or occupied by a benefactor. Of course this assumes the property was well chosen with a good location and wasn't a hovel in 30 years. The rental option gives increased cash;
  10. Get yourself an appointment with a good local lawyer. A examination of the rental contract should indicate where the liability falls in a case of theft. If you as the hiree are obliged to replace the bike, then undoubtedly, that's what'll happen. If the hirer has insurance to cover the loss, (TiT???), then I cant see how he can persue you as well. Good luck with it mate.
  11. Try this one: http://www.sysinfo.org/startuplist.php Just type in the name and it'll describe it for you.
  12. Leemo, If it's any consolation, I have exactly the same ploblem. One new thought from the replies points towards the power supply. I guess the propeller head down at the pc store can test that? You would think that some bright spark would develop a program to diagnose these sorts of things - he'd make a fucking fortune!
  13. In a way you're right, as passengers from both terminals can exit at the same point, turning left after the customs door into the arrivals hall. However terminal 1 arrivals are much more likely to use the immigration booths as the end closer to them, and then exit almost straight out, putting them on the footpath about 60m up from the taxi queue. (Providing of course their baggage carosel is at that end as well). Fuck me, I think I've confused myself now!
  14. Could it be the old Terminal 1 Terminal 2 fuck up? You wouldn't be the first.
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