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  1. Mr Toom efficiently picked me up on time from Don Muang on 25th September heading for Patts. Having made many trips on this stretch of the highway to Paradise, I always thought the Highway Demon would finally get me, and it did. Smacked up the arse by a small truck which was following too close behind, as was also the case with Mr. Tooms taxi, following too close to the vehicle in front, but it could have been a lot worse! and no one was injured. Mr Toom eventually was able to arrange a replacement taxi, so good for mr Toom, however arriving 2 hours later than scheduled into Pattaya was not my ideal start. Return trip with Mr Toom?, I passed on that, I think maybe my reserves of luck were running low, but then.. Lucky to meet a nice Nurse from Banglamung Hospital who took me to the new airport for free, lucky me... but thats another story......
  2. Brisbane to Bangkok is 9 hours 20 minutes, no sweat as this is the only direct flight to Bangers I know about from Brissie. I booked a September 13th flight with Thai for $A867 including taxes which i thought was a steal at that price. It had nothing to do with me having the hots for the travel agent at Student Flights, Indooroopilly Shopping Town, Brisbane.
  3. I have just booked 2 tickets on this Thai airways special from Brisbane airport direct to Bangkok, only $A867 return each including taxes. No need to fly via Sydney, so for Brisbanites, just 9hrs 20 mins to Land of smiles. I got the invite on Webjet email yesterday, but then went to STA TRAVEL at Indooroopilly Shopping Town, better than Webjet, easier to talk with the travel consultant. Her name is Kia-Adella Ireland ph 07 37200951 I went to Flight Centre first, but they quoted me $1100, would not accept the Webjet email as a valid quote...... stuff them, STA Kia baby was more flexible, good onyer STA The offer is for travel from July 17 through to September 13, so be quick you sick bastards, this is a great rate IMHO Charlie
  4. Hey Biggles!!!! I live in Brisbane too!!!! always wondered about RB, good to hear its good for you.... sounds really cheap, I have lots free Thai flyer points, but wanna try RB sooner or later, when do you go back to Patts next??????? regards, Charlie Foreest Lake, Brissie
  5. Sorry that should read sailfast not Sateef, sorry mate
  6. The customers perception is always the right perception! BA and many other airline service providers still do not have a clue when it comes to customer service. They give smile service, promise everything and deliver fuck all. Sateef and the rest of us should bag the lousy ones, and praise the ones who truly understand.
  7. If you are on the same flight and want to share a cab to Pattaya, please contact me. I have not booked a taxi yet so am flexible on arrangements. regards, Charlie
  8. thanks morrisf, looks good, great to get some t shirts printed in Thai, and lotsa other uses
  9. charlie298


    Good to see the colonial oppressors are still beating up the poor old convicts ! From any point of view, its a stupid game! it takes 5 days to complete! No wonder the Yanks don't play it.
  10. Great! just booked with Thai in Brisbane, 36000 miles required for Brisbane/Bangkok return. Already had 28000 miles, had to buy the balance, only cost me: $A260 plus $140 taxes.......... wow! 400 dollars return, what a bargain leave this Friday night 13.5.05 lucky bastard that I am plenty of seats still available according to the girl at Thai booking office regards, Charlie
  11. I stayed ther the first 2 visits I made to Pattaya It a good hotel for the price I paid, BUT when i realised there were plenty of hotels in Pattaya who dont charge for guests, I decided to never stay at any hotel that charges extra for my beautiful, or even ugly guests. Save the 600 baht joiner fee, spend it on your fille de-jour
  12. I guess everything is available if you have the baht. My last tgf in Pattaya has a false id She is 26 years old, and thought she could get more customers if she was only 21 years old, so she comes back one afternoon with a new id showing her age as 21yo These chicks are so vain
  13. Fantastic result! congratulations to all the Taffys in the world. p.s. its just great to see the English team not getting to the final but then, i am an Australian Charlie
  14. You can still get $A1120on Qantas thru Venture holidays, including taxes, including 4 nights at Pathumwan Princess in BKK, but its twin share!!!! You could then extend your holiday and spend the extra days in Pattaya. The only problem is you need to book and go before the end of April.
  15. I flew with Tiger only last month. They use a fleet of new A320's Excellent service, Cheap ticket price Singapore - Bangkok Highly recommended Charlie
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