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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I never said I was Harris. My name is Morris and I'm dating Melissa ******.
  2. You can just hang out with your girl that you met last night. Go see movies, read a book, grab a bite, visit peaceful beaches in Naklua, take a day trip to Bangkok (to help you appreciate Pattaya even more), take a boat trip to a neighboring island, etc. I've said before my routine is the same almost each day I'm there (and I did this for 6 months straight!): wake up, have sex, shower, eat, swim, surf the net, more sex, shower, dinner, movie/read, more sex?, sleep.
  3. Day/Night hotel is where I'm going. Should be enjoyable.
  4. I'm staying at Day/Night hotel for 6 months. I know there's a few gay bars similar to Jomtien. They don't bother me and I don't bother them. It's good that you brought that up because a newbie might feel uncomfortable about that. I like that I can walk to Walking Street from there or jog up the hill or to the beach. Naklua is great but unless you're on Naklua Road, you need a vehicle.
  5. I never stayed in any Naklua hotels as I had a condo only. However, there are many along the beach that seem very swanky and expensive. Many Russian tourists proliferate the area. I've seen a few small packs of attractive Russian women walking by my condo. On my next trip, I'm staying near Soi Day/Night for a little change. 12,000 baht per month which is do-able.
  6. Pig & Whistle, Queen Victoria Inn and Sky-Top. These are all very fine hotels if you like pollution & street noise. They are all 1 or 2 story buildings over bars in some cases that would be avoidable unless you enjoy the sensation of smog on your lungs. I guess I'm just pro Naklua because the bus runs in both directions on Naklua Road. The beaches are quiet and clean. The restaurants on the North end of Naklua Rd. are Thai only which brings the prices down and makes for a "purer" (for lack of better word) atmosphere. All to say, I'm advising newbies not to stay at Pig & Whi
  7. Do they have 24 hour luggage storage? Wifi Access? Also curious about the free showers. Thank you.
  8. Wondering if there's any internet access?
  9. In 1 city in my country, I was able to get a triple entry tourist visa and in another city, only a double. No idea what the difference was...
  10. What about Lek or Apex Hotels? Cheapest possible I think. It's low season so don't forget your bargaining power.
  11. Try www.atsiam.com, www.asiahotels.com I've used both with good results. Happy travels!
  12. PETIT LIEGEOIS IN PATTAYA That is their website. You may contact them there. I've dined there many many times and have a very cordial relationship with the owners. I recommend. The Russian restaurant across the street is sadly often empty but the food and service are excellent.
  13. The unfortunate element of renting condos are: -some beauties that are owned by Bangkok families who never use it more than once a year and they don't feel like renting it to a foreigner or anyone else. -many owners want 3-6 month leases or longer! -Daily cleaning is extra. You're better staying in a hotel in my opinion. You get new sheets/towels daily. How can you beat that?
  14. One of the best for location, price, and BG friendly. The buffets are really decent too. The beach is just down the street.
  15. I think it's a great location with all the bars and restaurants in the area. That hotel has an 89 baht all you can eat breakfast buffet where they cook your omelletes for you. I prefer that buffet to Lek and Apex hotels' breakfast buffet. I've never seen the rooms but the location is perfect.
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