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  1. a few weeks early for me adam , sounds like the cherry bar is the place to be on september 1st
  2. i just booked my mate a flight today , 21 december returning 05 january flying with mahan (iranian) manchester via tehran to BKK £479 with gazelle travel..! not my cup of tea but cheap & the times are good with not long spent in tehran
  3. I get sucked off in the barbers shop at don muang , i'm a bit concerned this service might not be available at the new airport
  4. majestic grande sukhumvit soi 2 has a large car park on floors 3&4 ..! & only round the corner from nana
  5. yeah i liked the room & hotel & i paid 1750b a night , never had the breakfast though
  6. got back 10 days ago after staying at the resort & it was fine , i stayed in the cheapest room & it was ok ...! nice clean hotel , great pool & no noise problems
  7. I've used him before & he's reliable ok...............
  8. up to you...! the facts are nobody wants to share a taxi from soi 7 to soi 8 with you let alone BKK to pattaya
  9. let's face it your crack is shit.... i'm not the only BM who thinks that
  10. Make sure you check out soi6 during the day 2pm ish ..! excellent day out
  11. And as for that departure lounge at BKK!! That place is the most depressing place on earth waiting for your flight back to blighty
  12. I always have xmas day in BKK & new year in pattaya ! if you want to escape xmas BKK is the place to be , everthing goes on as normal , you wouldn't guess it was 25 december thats why i like it...! on the other hand new years eve in pattaya is wild , my fifth new year on the trot in pattaya coming up & not my last i hope
  13. nice one tom i'm in bangers for 9 days dec/jan soi4 so i'll pop in for a couple of cold ones
  14. i'd steer clear of air france & klm as their shite IMHO .... I'm lufthansa's biggest fan ! Excellent service , excellent airports(becks & warsteiner on draft) , good aircraft(becks , warsteiner & jack on board) & great layover times to keep your journey time to a minimum !
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