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  1. About 28-31 Baht/Liter depending on where you go 15 Baht/Liter when I moved down here, but it's still cheap compaired to european prices.
  2. Can recomend Ban Chang if you like "country side living" but you need your own car since you need to get to Pattaya which is 30 min drive away to do your weekly shoping etc if you want something they don't sell in the local market. Recently moved from "east side of Sukhumwit" Pattaya to Ban Chang myself and like it much better down here. The only thing I miss is the "Door-2-Door" Food delivery which is a great thing in Pattaya when you are tired of Thai (Lao) food. If you like golf then you have 5 courses within a few minutes driving from Ban Chang with Eastern Star just outside town
  3. If you have a lot of money you will have plenty "good friends" who will all forget you when the money is finished
  4. That's very true. Been living here for 4 years now with wife(Thai) and son, will never move back to Sweden again if I don't have to for some reason. Get married and stay away from the booze and you will be fine here for long time
  5. Interested in any price range really. Know of a few of the more expensive hotels with parking but none of the cheaper ones like Dynasty inn etc. Just got confirmation from Landmark that they have Parking for guests. Superior room at $115 +10% Service +7% VAT. Tried to e-mail Nana Hotel but their mailbox is overloaded, just shows how often they read their mail.
  6. Is it possible to park in the "car park" in Nana, thought it was full of freelancers
  7. Any recomendations for a guest friendly hotel close to Nana in Bangkok with car parking
  8. No comment needed on this one. Your post proves my point.
  9. Here's an article in Pattaya Mail regarding the rain and water problem.
  10. Well if you live here then it will make it a lot easier. OK if you rent a condo and only frequent the bars and never pass 3rd road but as soon as you buy a house or start a business then you will be happy if you could speak some Thai. This is a typical attitude from the English speaking countries that all should speak English, a bit same as the French that only want to speak French which is not so popular with the English speaking world. We are guests in Thailand and if you live here you should make an effort to learn Thai. It's not easy, I tried for 3 years now and still have a long
  11. More info on registration on below link. Thaivisa.com
  12. Have some news regarding registration on Thai Visa Forum on below link. Mobile phone registration More or less same same as said before.
  13. Ferrari again If they (Ferrari+Eclestone) continue like this then F1 will be history soon :frustrated
  14. They have one Russian sport channel also on 42 The only good with Sophoon is to use it for the wife so I can watch UBC in peace
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