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  1. I thought so because when i checked the website these (Smaller) Rooms weren't on there.
  2. Not sure when you're going to be here but I'm in Pattaya now and passed Areca Lodge the other day (11th Oct) and they had cracking walk-in deals advertised outside on a banner.I'm not staying there so I'm not sure how long this Promo is on for but I'm sure it would beat anything on any of those booking sites.I checked their website and the 'Deal' hasn't been put on there(maybe they don't update their site regularly) or it's just a walk-in Promo.
  3. From a Customer's point of view i like Booking.com and have used them several times.No hidden fees/extras/no deposits,easy cancellation rules,and you pay directly with the hotel once you are there.
  4. I have been staying at CG for numerous trips now and still find it to be one of the best value Guest Houses in the Lengkee/Buakaow area.As has been previously said you have to book in advance to secure a room as it's a very popular place.
  5. The Best Cards To Use Abroad http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/travel/cheap-travel-money
  6. You can make a cash advance with any card be it CC or DB.You just have to be careful of poor ex rates in the particular card that you use.As i mentioned for Brits Halifax Clarity is reputedly the best card to use (good ex rates and low 0% APR).The trick is to make the advance and then pay the Halifax Bill online as soon as possible hence avoiding/Minimalising the interest on the transaction.
  7. I have done this with my Halifax Clarity Visa Credit Card.You just go into the branch with your Card and Passport and ask for a cash advance.Sign a fransaction form and that's it.I did this on numerous occasions at the K Bank in the Avenue on 2nd Road.No problems and avoided the ATM fee.Halifax Clarity is one of the best CC's to use abroad for Brits.
  8. Apart from Super Rich,I posted Money exchange Links (not Banks) in response to Zeus's Post.The Bank Foreign Currency exchange rates website only seem to deal with Banks and not Money Exchanges so i'm not sure that they will add any of the Money Exchange places to their site
  9. Twelve Victory Exchange (Near Tops Central Road Pattaya) & Pradipat Road BKK http://www.twelvevictoryexchange.com/exchange.php?lang=en Yenjit ,Branches at 112 Walking Street,Tops Central Road Pattaya,Soi 5 Jomtien Near Immigration.Chaiyapruk Jomtien Soi Baan Suan Lalana and also a branch in Soi Buakaow (not sure of location) http://www.yjpattayaexchange.com/4.html Vasu (Sukhumvit Soi7/1 Bangkok Near Nana Plaza) http://www.vasuexchange.com/ Super Rich (Branches in various places in BKK) http://www.superrich1965.com/
  10. That's an excellent site i've been using for a few years.Their are also some good 'Free apps' for Mobile Phone users.I use an Android phone and have a few good apps downloaded for when i'm over in LOS.You can get them via Play Store. Here's a link to some of the Money exchange apps which you can search on your phone on Play store (Android) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.megarichcurrencyexchange.thailand&hl=en
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