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  1. Arriving on SAS at 14.40. Got a taxi waiting to take me to Sabai Lodge. Curly
  2. Doesnt look like they have pool. Is that correct?
  3. I would go for Finnair. They have a pretty good connection out of Copenhagen, the Helsinki Airport is a pleasure, prices fair and the service during the flight okay. Curly
  4. Are there any differences between the standard and the surperior room aside from bathtub, hair drier and coffee-maker? Curly
  5. Best of luck. If the food is good I'll be there for you.
  6. Also remember to have cash at all times. The ATMs are often far between and not very reliable. Wen you find one it might well be out of order.
  7. Be prepared for a bit of everything at the airports. Transport between NAIA and domestic can be a pain in the ass. And when you get there the domestic is can be chaotic. PI is nothing like Thailand when it comes public transportation. Take care, watch your money and look out for scams. The women are great though...
  8. I agree. Have already booked for May. The summer suite is worth the price. Curly
  9. Pizza Big. Nakula Road. really good pizza. And ........big
  10. In the airport getting ready to board. After all the recent bad reviews I have cancelled at Sabai Lodge. Giving Best Beach Villa a try instead. See you soon guys Curly
  11. Dear Cookie, How about seting up a comercial tour of your kingdom aimed at the many readers of your diary. I know you are a busy man, so I will be pleased to produce the thing for lets say 60 % of the gate? Well, we can get to that later. I see the tour starting out in the kitchen with you running around trying to fill orders after cook has called in sick with a lame lie. You will then every few minutes be presented with different problems: guest money stolen, keys locked in room and later found in maids pocket, staff requesting to go to hospital to visit relatives and so on. In case a
  12. The special price 850 bath for deluxe room came in a separate file. I have tried to copy it but monkeys have better computer skills than me. And I dont have a monkey around for the moment. Anyway, says you have to call for a reservation : 038-371200-4. I have already booked at Sabai Lodge next month and dont plan to say anything. Judging from the latest reviews the place is going downhill anyway.......
  13. I have been a regular at sabai Lodge for several years, so I was slightly surprised when I got this mail: -------------------------------------------- Dear sir, Hello form Care ( Ex manager at sabai lodge Hotel Pattaya) Nowaday I worked as General Manager at The beach garden resort. Located at Pattaya naklua road soi 20. I would like to offer special discount for hotel room rate and our services. Please visit www. thaigolfcare.com Our service is Hotel booking inbound and Golf services. I hope to service you again. ----------------------------------------
  14. Mike Orchid Resort has been suggested as a good alternative to Sabai Lodge as I like to stay in that part of time. I have found a homepage, but it is really poor without basic info like rates. I dont even know if there is a pool. Can anybody tell me more? Thanks Curly
  15. Well, plenty to choose from. Thank you for your time guys. Curly
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