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  1. Thanks, that gives me a good idea. I'd probably do much of the same as you, maybe a little golf every now and then. Excuse my ignorance, but is that symbol (looks like an L) mean pound?
  2. Glad to hear thing are working out for you. I know there have been other threads about living expenses, but would you give an example of your monthly living expenses? I'm considering trying to retire there but am not sure my 2K (USD) would be enough.
  3. That's something you don't see everyday. While there are many Asian / caucasian mixed marriages most of the time the asian is the woman.
  4. I stayed at the Grans Business Inn on Soi 11 a couple of years ago. Very similar in price and accomadations to Grand Majestic (I've stayed there too). Coffee Shop better (imo) than the Grand Majestic. No in-room safes though.
  5. Thanks for the reply. With the USD in the tank my 2K USD retirement almost meets the income requirement, but I will have between 75-100K USD in the bank so I should be ok in that regard. I'd like to find something to fill my time, I think after a time hanging in bars all day will get old. I'd hope to play golf once or twice a week too.
  6. Russy finished tied for 53rd and won just over $4,000 (USD). Not a real good final round, but at least she made the cut. Next up is the MasterCard Calssic in Mexico City.
  7. I've been giving serious consideration to moving to Thailand, I'm over 50 but would have a retirement income of just over $2000 USD and was looking at a way to supplement my retirement income. I've read about the restrictions of a foreigner working in Thailand and was wondering how so many foreigners are able to own a hotel or guesthouse. Are they in a Thai Nationals name? Can a foreigner own or only lease such an establishment? What initial outlay of cash can be expected? What is a realistic income, after expenses? Are the headaches worth the trouble?
  8. I can't say how many of the top 20 played, but most of the big names in women's golf (except Ochoa) were there...Sorrenstam, Kerr, Creamer, Pressel, Gulbis, Pettersen and all the big name Japanese and Koreans players. I'm certainly no expert, but this girl has serious game and the right mental attitude to be hugely successful on the LPGA Tour. Plus the fact she has already banked $75,867 (USD) and doesn't have to worry so much about money.
  9. "In 17 career tournaments before the SBS Open, Russy had only made two cuts and earned $4411." Ok ChesireTom...we'll see how she does this week.
  10. Thai girl, Russy Gulyanamitta, tied for 2nd at the SBS OPen in Hawaii. This was the first full field event for the LPGA season. She's a sweet girl with a hell of a golf game. I can almost guarantee that she'll win this year. For you guys there now, is it all over the papers?
  11. There's a positive review on the Addicts board. http://www.pattaya-addicts.com/forum/index...?showtopic=5712
  12. You're using a package deal for your stay in Patts? While I'm not certain, as I've never used a "package deal"...I'm sure you can get much better rates on your own. Especially in low season.
  13. I can recommend the Vault. Yes, he requires a deposit, but I didn't have any troubles in that area. Though there is no pool, they offer free laundry which is very convienent. Mike even upgraded me to the Penthouse room at no charge as there was no one staying there at the time. Close to Walking St too.
  14. I booked a Standard Room. They want 2500 bht on Metropole's web site and 1800 bht for the FLB Deal for the same roon...so I think I got a pretty goo deal. I've never stayed there but have heard good things about the hotel and I like the area. I've stayed at the Areca and wanted to try something different.
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