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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. fantastic and informative stuff, definitely need to invest some time here on next BKK trip.......
  2. Well all i know is that girl in blue and white dress then the second lady that had a blue dress on were both worthy of future investigation!!!
  3. Well sounds well worth a visit and i wont need a map, honestly some people................
  4. an all time fave bar and well run place, never had a drama in there and many lovely girls over time. A must for even the seasoned players.
  5. Wow, this place was always fun but the changes seem a great idea, on the list for sure for next visit, good to see bar owners thinking and changing to meet customer needs.
  6. I want to be back in patts as soon as i can!

  7. Jboy

    mate, a guy called Robert Watson is an agent and decent guy to help with this in Patts, if you want to connect up let me know..cherrs, Jboy

  8. yes a very well run bar...good management and mamasans who know how to look after the punters...a must on every trip!!!
  9. That seems like a good link but be aware that when u r in Thailand u need to compare a few banks and then one of the independent exchanges...often they are offering rates above the banks and no fees as well.....a tip I learnt on my first trip.
  10. ok so now that USD and AUD are at or close to parity it seems fair to comment from an oz point of view. Having lived in LOS for a year as aprt of my adventures I feel somewhat qualified to comment...i rented an appt in bkk and patts at an ave of 30k pm, now thats reasonable and in both cases the places were acceptable...my view is that if you want to have a frugal lifestyle then realistically 30k may be doable.....but i was thinking 100k in baht per mth split as follows -: Rent - allow 25k pm on a longer term rental deal Food and supplies - allow 5k pw or 20k pm, have 2 meals a day at home, eat out once a day. Medical insurance - based on quotes I have checked then allow 2500 a mth. Car - I would not have a permanent vehicle as the holding costs etc are too high. Instead I would allow say 8k pm for travel and related costs. Contents Insurance - not 100% sure how this works exactly but assume its available at say 500 bht pm Travel - to bkk or other parts of thailand say once a mth, allow 10k Entertainment / Gifts etc - Allow 24k pm, very rough and will vary mth to mth. Contingency - 10k pm Now this is a pretty rough budget but in my view could be sustainable in bkk or patts....but if you lived in patts you would need to be disciplned about nites out and your chosen lifestyle. In summary I feel a base of about 40k would be acceptable and only IMHO!
  11. Soi 6 response is amusing......but surely an easier solution go and arrange a trip to Pattaya and meet them in the flesh!!!
  12. Hi boardies, back once again shortly and planning to stay at this hotel....any recent reviews....thanks.....Jboy
  13. I'll move my bday to get an invitation lol!!!!!.....will have to check that line up in OCT!!!!!
  14. From what I can see....good location, very reasonable rates, rooms look right...best wishes with new venture...
  15. Sorry but the grossly overpaid and inflated self worth of the entire England football team....with the status of the EPL they made a mockery of English Football.....reaching semis was a minimum expectation....simply not good enough, time it ends
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