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  1. When filling out the SSA form. You have to get a letter from Bangkok Bank. Cost I think 100 baht. Attach it to the form & send it to SSA in the Philippines.
  2. I had direct deposit from SSA directly to my savings account in Bangkok Bank branch office at Pattaya Klang in Big C. No problems. Also I have a ATM card attached to the account and can go online to check my account. You can fill out the forms from SSA and mail them to the Philippiones SSA office. Here is the web site from SSA go to the country (Thailand) and copy the form. I suggest send it by FedEx. You can see when they accept it. https://www.ssa.gov/forms/ssa-1199.html
  3. I have direct deposit from SSA to my Bangkok Bank account in Pattaya. Works fine. I started direct deposit last May 2019.
  4. Is their a good visa company in Pattaya, that does all the paper work for a retirement visa.
  5. I used direct deposit from SSA to my Bangkok Bank account in Pattaya. Works fine. Started May 2019.
  6. Larryst


    Used LG 21 inch led television. Model number 22LK330. Has Remote. Works good. 800 baht. Call 0871388088 or send message if interested..
  7. I have four Western Digital My Book External Hard Drives. All are 4 TB. All are in excellent shape. I only used them for videos. All videos can be deleted if wanted. Price is 2,500 baht each OBO. Or cheaper if bought all four. Send message if interested.
  8. I have two Western Digital 8 TB External Hard drives. Both are in excellent shape. They are full of videos. All videos can be deleted. I'm asking 5,000 baht each OBO. If interested send a message.
  9. 19,000 baht for ten years it would be worth it. They should even think or have some consideration that you got the visa extension for 10 years or more already.
  10. Is there any offices that will do the retirement visa without having 800K in a thai bank? Or recommend one. I don't really want to deposit $25,000 U.S. in a thai bank.I always used the notorized income letter from the embassy. Always had enough income to live on 65,000 baht a month. So no problem then. After 15 years living here. I usually withdraw cash when needed from my ATM card from the states. No problem. If you get a statement from Social Security, 401 annuity and from Office of Personnel Office on line and print them. Would they accept them??? They wouldn't be notorized, just printed.
  11. Reasonable price. Check out TukCom. JIB (on 3rd floor) has the same item for 6,490 baht.
  12. Here's the numbers on the package. STEL8000600 S/N NAST9J0T P/N 1XAAY3-570
  13. I have a Seagate 6 TB Backup Plus Hub desktop external hard drive storage for sale. Brand new and in the box. Never opened. 5,500 baht. Send message if interested.
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