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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I was at the Metro about 5 weeks ago. Probably noise is only an issue in the front facing rooms. I think it is mostly street noise, the GoGo noise was minimal. My major annoyance was the street karaoke parties for birthdays etc. That shit distorted music and crap singing REALLY annoys me. You can be unlucky and cop that anywhere in Pattaya I guess. The design of Soil LK means it is loud. Would never stop me staying at the Metro Apartments though, still my favorite haunt.
  2. Can anybody give me some recent info here please? A few years ago I stayed at what was the Montri Hotel. I think its changed hands, so might have its policy. Am considering the Raming Lodge. I'll be up there in November. Any help will be greatly appreciated.. OzJ
  3. I think you will find the Thai Govt doesnt require 800,000bt 'A YEAR'. They require that you have a minimum 800,000bt balance in your Thai account.
  4. I dont drink as much as you either Mick. But i do have other bad habits..haha
  5. An observation I have made in the past 5 years or so. When I meet an Aussie girl without her realising it herself, she puts me through what I now term 'the interview'. Within a few minutes she is asking what I do for a job, my martal status, if I have kids, where do I live and where did I go to School. I used to think they were just being polite and interested in me. Noooooooo, they are conducting an interview about what I can possibly offer them. I dont believe they even realise they are doing this so blatantly themselves. Very rarely have I got this line of questioning from a
  6. Looking to the future and for the ease of it, I base my calculations on retiring to LOS as $36,500. Thats obviously budgeting $100 a day. Thats around 3000bt a day (current rate) or about 1,100,000 bt for a year. As a safety net I think you would want to allow to lose a 1/3 of that if the exchange rate goes to shit and recalculate to see if you can survive happily on that. I live happily in Aust on less than $100 a day for personal costs. The financial killers here are income tax, high insurances, food and fuel costs and GST on everything I buy. What you need to work out is ho
  7. I used AVG and it made my internet run like a sloth. For 18 months I used MSE. Up until last week it did the job. Until a particularly nasty Trojan (not the condom) got past it. This virus scrambled windows and all my directories and spread itself amongst 3 hard-drives. T took the PC to my computer guy and it took 10 hours to unscramble it. I was about to go pick the box up and I got a call saying their program found more of the Trojan. When I got the PC back after 3 days, they put Kaspersky on my system. Seems ok and no significant slowdown. Luckily nothing was lost. The chief com
  8. Be positive! Money saved on shampoo Time saved in drying Ease of catching the nits! Hair will grow back ................. maybe
  9. I use Paint Shop Pro ... not as 'hungry as Photoshop. Photogadget is free and great for resizing. Some people who post on here seriously need to use it.
  10. The English team have been far too good this series and good luck to them. Well done. Now here is my little conspiracy theory in regards to Australian cricket. Before the Summer even started, sponsors committed themselves to advertising campaigns using various members of the Australian Squad. They obviously did this believing these players are recognisable and have market appeal for their products. After committing big bucks to advertising suddenly players x, y and z are dropped (or should be) from the Australian team. Sponsors are not happy about this and may rethink their markett
  11. Agree Joe... must be mindnumbing but unless you are a band with a huge rep or just can afford to tour a few months of the year, thats the way the music biz is. The good money is writing hits for other people. The cheques keep rolling in. Plan B is to get long stint in Vegas or the like. Same result though... repetition every night. Mind you, 3 hours on stage then 21 hours to yourself doesnt sound that tough. If only I had talent? Thanks for the songs Gerry. RIP!
  12. Could be much much worse... imagine being Don McLean playing THAT fucking song every night! At the end of the day, a great song/songs can set you up for life. Beats the hell out of packing shelves.
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